Just Blurt It Out

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[3rd Person Pov.]

Hiro thought to himself Today is the day! Today is the day I'm going to ask out (Y/N)! Come on Hiro, you got this!

Hiro walked up to the divider between your two rooms quietly but right when he got to it he turned away and sat on his bed.

Why did I do that!?!? Come on, Hiro, you're both progidies and some so much in common.

He walked up to the divider a little pink in his cheeks,"Uh, hey, (Y/N)?"

She spun around in her chair,"Yeah?"

"Uh I-I was just wondering um..."

Then the most horrible thing happened... No, Aunt Cass didn't come up stairs... He word blurted.

"Would you like to go out some time?"
(Y/N) cheeks exploded and so did Hiro's. He didn't intend to just spit it out like that.

[Hiro's Pov.]

Why did I do that!?!? Come on, Hiro!

I closed my eyes, ready for whatever she was going to say so me...

"Sure. Why not?"

I opened my eyes wide,"R-Really?"

She smiled,"Uh well... Yeah..."


Good luck on your date!

Well, I had to just something straight forward today, huh.

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