Nixtocide's Story

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[Third Person Pov.]

"It will work! I know it will! I just need to study more and make this into reality!"

"It's not going to work and you're going to kill yourself with this nixtocide stuff! I am not going to let you take that stuff!"

"I have to! Just let me try! Please... I just want to prove to everyone that i can do something other people my age can't..."

"I know that you want to, but it's not worth risking your life. You know what? Fine. Kill yourself with that chemical."


(Y/N) was so done with her mom. She was tired of her mother telling her than she can't do anything.

(Y/N) wants to do what she thinks she should be allowed to do. It's her choice to make.

On the other hand, her mother doesn't like the idea of nixtocide.

(Y/N) looked and read the page of her notebook,


A chemical that allows the human body to grow wings on its back.

The wings may vary is color, shape, and type, but there's a catch.

The feathers of nixtocide wings are sharp. The sharp feathers can cut through anything like butter.

Tests Ran (on lab rats): 56
Suceeding Tests: 0"

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