Her Music Box

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[Hiro's Pov.]

We were getting ready to go to sleep. I just came out of the bathroom, changed into my pajamas and looked into Tadashi's room where (Y/N) was changed into (F/C) pajamas, still drawing.

I had to admit, she looked kinda cute.

I snuck up behind her and slithered my arms around her neck gently,"What cha doin'?"

I could feel heat from her cheeks on my arms.

"Uh, just finishing up my picture... I thought about drawing it for a while so yeah..." she replied. Her laptop screen had a carefully drawn (F/A) on it with a background of its habitat.

I nodded,"You're really got at this kind of stuff." I let go of (Y/N) and she nodded.

"Yeah, I wasn't planning on doing a lot of art. I really want to make human body advanced modifications like for somewhat superpowers and stuff like that," she said to me.

Huh... Advanced body modifications...

"I'm going to sleep. I worked on this for long enough," she said, saving the picture into a folder with the year on it.

"Oh, uh, okay. See you tomorrow," I said back, hesitantly and walked to my side of the room, closing the divider behind me. I turned off the lights.

"See you tomorrow"!? Really Hiro!? come on, why can't I ever talk to others my age!? I mentally scolded to myself.

I layed down on my bed with my forearm on my stomach. That's when I heard music box music coming from (Y/N) side of the room. It was peaceful. Like a song you would hear a mother sing to her children. (Song at the top)

I got up and opened the divider a crack. I saw (Y/N) asleep under the covers with a music box with a girl with a plain blue strapless dress that stopped at her thies and blue hair, spinning slowly as the music played. The girl on the circular mysic box was leaning forward, standing on one foot on her toes with her other leg up behind her and one arm reaching upward with the other behind her.

I smiled and chuckled to myself. I turned around to go back to bed and saw Baymax and I jumped a little.

"What are you doing, Hiro?" Baymax asked me, leaning down to me and tilting his oval head.

"Nothing! Now shh!" I whisper-yelled at him. I didn't want to wake (Y/N). She looked too peaceful.

Baymax looked through the crack i opened,"It seems that (Y/N) falls asleep to this song."

"Yeah... I might ask her about it tomorrow,"  I replied, walking back to my bed. "I am satisfied with my care."

Baymax nodded and went to his red luggage box and deflated inside.

I fell asleep to the music (Y/N) was playing with that music box.

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