One Apartment

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[Your Pov.]

You walked back to the cafè and went up to your room. It looked like no one was home, so you went to your room to draw or something. You were almost inside, but you noticed an envelope at the divider. You picked it up and read it:

Dear (Y/N) (L/N),

     You are qualified to be an employee at FUNamation. If you are interested, contact us at the following contacts:
- Email us at
- Reply with another letter to our adress on this envelope

Your heart leapt when you read this. You always wanted to know what it was like to be a part of some big project, 
and FUNamation was full to the brim with them. Plus, FUNamation made some of your favorite animes when you were growing up.

Once you were done reading the leter, you ran into your room and took out a sheet of line paper. You didn't want to make any mistakes, so you drafted the email out:

I would love to be an employee, but will it affect where I am living? At the moment, I live in San Fransokyo and the company it all the way in Japan.

Besides that, I will accept the offer for this job.

You looked at this draft thinking Just why...?

You took out some words, changed some words, fixed it up, and was ready to email them. You typed it up into Gmail and sent it. That's when Hiro came home and walked in,"Hey, Snowflake. What 'cha doin'?"

"I GOT A JOB OFFER FOR FUNAMATION!" you shouted, spinning around in your chair. His eyes widened and he hugged you, practically picking you up as well,"That's great! 'Cause I did too!~" He pulled out a letter from his back pocket after loosening the hug. You pulled him into an even bigger and tighter embrace,"Perfect! Now I won't have to be lonely in an office with a pen tablet."

You two chuckled and sat down to type into Hiro's email to the company. He was qualified to be an editor and you were going to be an animator, so it'll all work out.

~TimeSkip brought to you by FUNanamation~

[Your Pov.]

You and Hiro were getting packed up. Supposably, it'll be way harder to have you two living in a completely different country. Well, that's what they said in the email that was literally written in all Japanese. You translated it all and Hiro called you a weeabo afterwards. Of course, you said,"Why, thank you, good sir!"

You had everything in your suitcase: Pen tablet, clothes, toothbrush, etc. Aunt Cass was standing at the door crying and dabbing her eyes with a tissue as you two packed going on and on about you two growing up and being "destined to grow up together." You assured her that you two would be fine and Honey Lemon agreed to drive you two to the airport.

On the way there, it was awkward.

"So... You two are leaving?" Honey asked.

"Yeah, sis. Kinda have to. We can't rely on Aunt Cass all our lived for money and stuff," you explained to her.

"Oh... Well, okay," she replied, turning a corner. You could see the airport in the distance. When you guys stopped in the parking lot, Honey gave you and Hiro a hug (you and Hiro had already said your goodbyes to everyone else).

Honey held Hiro's hand in her's for a moment and said to him with kind eyes,"Take care of (Y/N) for me, Hiro." Hiro turned red across his face and you did as well. He nodded and you two walked to the plane, waving at Honey as she wiped her eyes.

On the plane, you kept going on and on about how you always wanted to go to Japan and how you learned how to speak Japanese. "(Y/N), stop being such a nerd," Hiro said to you.

"Hiro wa bakadesu tokidoki," you replied to him rolling your eyes. He gave you a confused look and you giggled. You read manga the whole way and Hiro would occasionally call you a "weeabo" or a "nerd," but you didn't care.

~TimeSkip brought to you by Weeabos~

[Your Pov.]

You and Hiro were off the plane and ready to go. FUNamation had given you two a place to stay until you two could get a real house; they're going to pay for the apartment for three months until you two were on your feet. You were sight-seeing the whole way to the new apartment while Hiro was questioning things/wondering/trying to figure out where you two were. You had to speak Japanese to multiple people, asking where you two were. It was only practice to you, but Hiro was a little defeated with the fact you were fluent in Japanese.

You wanted to visit the Suicide Forest, but all Hiro could say was "Nope" over and over while dragging you to the apartment. The apartment was bigger than you thought, because you saw pictures of capsule apartments. The email said it not be one of those, but it was pretty big. You flopped down onto the couch with your arms crossed. Hiro grunted,"Come on, (Y/N), we needed to get here bwfore amything else."

"Yeah, but come on Hiro! It's Suicide Forest!" you said, throwing your hands above your head. He rolled his eyes and smiled. He gave you a peck on the forehead and walked to the bedroom he was going to be staying in at the end of the hallway.

You got up with your stuff and put it all into the room next to his, just leaving everything on your bed. Tomorrow was your first day of work.

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