What a Day

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{Disclaimer: This chapter will have a crossover of BH6 and a show on YouTube. Read at your own risk I guess.}
[Your Pov.]

You wanted to walk around for once instead of staying in your room all the whole day. You walked around the park in a circle over and over again until you saw a group of people that were around your age. You felt bad that you weren't hanging out with anyone at the moment.

A guy in the group with black hair and a grey, black, and white mask covering his mouth looked towards your direction. You noticed you were staring and your face heated up slightly. You turned and continued walking.

As you were walking away, a girl's voice called over to you,"Hey, there!"

You jumped and turned around. A girl with mahogany eyes and black hair was waving and smiling at you from a distance and you waved back.

She ran up to you and held out her hand,"I'm Aphmau!" (Yes, I'm literally doing with right now. Thank me later.)

"(Y/N)," you introduced yourself and shook her head.

You practically power washed everyone's names into your memory. There's Aphmau, Aaron, Katelynn, Kawaii~Chan, Laurence, Dante, Garroth, Zane, Lucinda,  and Cadenza.

"So, you're 16, right?" Aphmau asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, it's just, I've never seen you at school or around any school."

"Oh! I already finished school, actually."

Everyone's eyes went wide and they all shouted,"You WHAT!?"

"I finished school and graduated college."

"But how!?" Zane asked.

"I'm just smart like that, I guess," you said, shrugging. You didn't see the point of getting excited at the fact you finished school at the age of 16.

"Well, she's at least smarter than Travis when he tries to talk to Katelynn, " Laurence joked, punching Travis on the arm.

"H-hey! Th-That was a one time thing, okay!?" Travis sputtered, rubbing his arm where Laurence hit him.

"Yeah, only one time, dork," Katelynn said, rolling her eyes. They were all so weird and funny to you.

"Hey, (Y/N), can you put her number into my phone? I'd like to see you again sometime!" Aphmau said, handing you her phone.

"Um, sure! Why not?"

You punched in your number into everyone's contacts and notes. You turned and started walking away with her head turned over your shoulder and waving. Everyone waved back.

What a day...

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