It Gives You Wings

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[Your Pov.]

You got back late. Hiro was still up waiting for you when you came back.

You changed into your pajamas, set up your music box, and went to sleep without explaining why you were out so late.

The reason why you were out so late is because you wanted to stay away from Hiro and Aunt Cass to make sure you didn't hurt them if your new wings just shot out of no where while you were with them. You didn't want to hurt anyone.

[Hiro's Pov.]

(Y/N) is acting weird. She didn't even bother to explain where she was and just went to sleep! Let's see, maybe I can ask her to-

Now I sound like Aunt Cass! Ugh!...

What is this girl turning me into!?!?!?...

Baymax picked me up with a baby right in the middle of me pacing,"Hiro, you need to go to bed. (Y/N) has come back already, so you can now rest."

I rolled my eyes and went to bed just to make sure Baymax didn't scan me again.

I listened to the music from the music box and fell asleep...

~The Next Day~

[Your Pov.]

You woke up with pain in your back. This ment that the wings have grown... Wait! The wings grew!?

You pulled out your phone and used it as a mirrow to look at them. They were folded on your back under your pajamas, but they were obviously there. You were so excited! You couldn't wait to tell-


What if Hiro thinks you're a freak and doesn't want to be your friend anymore?

What if Aunt Cass thinks you're dangerous and kicks you out?!...

What if you won't have anymore friends again!??!?!?!

Oh crap... You thought to youself.

As you got out of bed with your back facing the divider, Hiro opened the divider.

"Hey, (Y/N). Any plans today?"

"Uh- yeah. I'm just going to uh... SFIT," you word vomitted without turning to him.

"Wait... What's that on your back?" Hiro asked, walking up to you, poking your wing. You felt it like you now had nerves in your wings.

"Ow!" you heard him say. You turned around to see that the tips of Hiro's fingers were cut and bleeding. You clapped your hand onto your mouth, holding back tears. You didn't want to loose someone again. Not another one.

Hiro looked you in the eyes,"What was that?... it cut through your shirt..."

It did!?

You pushed him out of your section of the room and shut the divider closed. To make sure he couldn't get in, you took of your pajama shirt off and unfolded your wings. You turned to look at them...

They were (F/C) with very pointy tips of the feathers. You plucked a feather off your wing. It didn't hurt much.

You ran your finger along the sharpness of the feather. You let go of it and it whipped past your face and cheek, back onto your wing like a magnit.

You stretched your wings and held the divider closed with one. Hiro pushed the divider so that it was bending and saw your wings and blushed slightly at the sight of you without a shirt,"(Y/N)...?"

You turned and used your other wing to shut the part he was able to open,"I'M NOT REALLY YET!"

"Ready for what!?"

"I don't want to hurt you guys... I don't know how to use these things yet... heck, what's the point of having wings when I can't even fly!?"

"Well, you're holding the divider well... I think you're ready."

You couldn't tell, but you knew rhat he had a smile on his face. The kind your mom used to give you at science fairs and when you got your straight A's.

You folded your wings and pulled your pajama shirt back on. You opened the divider and looked Hiro in the eye,"Promise you won't stop being my friend?..."

He smiled even wider,"Why would I? Your wings are amazing! How did you get them?"

"It's a chemical I made... Nixtocide..."

"With that injection only? Dang... Well I'm surr Honey is gonna love this!"

You smiled,"Yeah... I guess so."

You grabbed a pair of jeans and a plain (S/F/C) long sleeved shirt with a white tang top to wear under. You smiled a little wider as you walked past Hiro to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Well,Nixtocide does give you wings, huh.

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