I Had Fun

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[Your Pov.]

12:45 p.m.!

You pulled on your jacket (photo at the top, just bigger. You can have something different or the same but different color. idc. .3.) and ran outside shouting to Honey,"GoingtoseeHiro! Cyalater,byeeeee!"

You sprinted while tieing your scarf around your neck and pulling on your mittens, and once you reached the park where you and Hiro planned to meet, you became anxious to see him again. It's been way too long! Like 24 hours!

You sighs and walked around, looking for the black haired boy. Two glove covered hands covered your eyes from behind you.

"Guess who~!"

"Hiro, I know it's you. Hehe," you replied. His sense of humor was just unbarable.

He uncovered his eyes and you turned to him. The grin on his face along with his red cheeks, ears, and nose just made him adorable. You smiled back.

Hiro put his hands on his hips,"Whatever, Red-Ears, you totally didn't know it was me! You hesitated!"
"Hey! Come on, they can't be that red already!"

You pulled your hood over your head to hide your ears and your cheeks began to warm up a little.

"Heheh, well, they are," he replied, tilting his head playfully. He was just too cute.

You two walked around the park for a while, joking around and messing with each other. You looked around and just noticed that there was snow everywhere. And by everywhere,it was everywhere.

The little flakes were still falling gently and you held out your hand to catch one. It landed and melted almost instantly by touch.

"Everyone is like a Snowflake in a way, huh," Hiro said suddenly. You just realized that you two stopped moving. You looked up at him confused.

"Well, with just a little warmth, they can be melted, like people's hearts," he said, giving you a charming smile. Where did he learn to do that!?

You smiled back with heat rising to your cheeks.

You put your hand to your side and you two continued walking. You looked the opposite way and prepared yourself for what you were about to do...

You reached the short distance and held hi hand in yours. It wasn't bad because of the fabric being a wall between your hands.

It seemed as though he didn't mind because you two were still being the awkward people you two were.

Some time later, it was getting late. You haven't noticed the sun going down. It was about 9 o'clock. You two started heading back home (you going to Honey's and Hiro going to the cafè). Hiro suddenly stopped under a street light with it's light at the top ignited.

You turned to him. He wasn't really looking at you.

He put his hands in his pockets and leaned in. You found yourself leaning in too. You two gave each other a swift kiss to avoid anything too big.

"Well, I gotta go before Honey starts blowing up my phone with texts..." you said to him, your cheeks a dark red. His was too.

"Uh, yeah, sure..."

"Well, I had fun... Cya tomorrow maybe..."

You two turned and went opposite directions. You walked into Honey's house and the questions flodded in. This was going to be a long night...

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