Happy Birthday...

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[Your Pov.]

You were so tired after Honey did some ests on your wings. She made you do things like shooting feathers into the wall in certain shapes and hitting targets with them at close and far range.

The next morning was as surprising as how tired you were.

Honey called you almost right when you woke up,"Morning, Birthday Girl!"

"Seriously, Honey?..."

"Yes seriously!

"Turning 14 isn't a big thing, but if I was turning like 16 or somehing, I'd understand why you're so excited."

"Every birthday is important and I know that you're happy that you're 14! Anyways, come over to SFIT, okay? Okay! Byeeee!"

She hung up, not even letting you talk much. You rolled you eyes, looking at your phone, smiling. Classic Honey, you thought to yourself. To be honest, you were really excited for this day to come. You looked at your music box and found that it wasn't there.

You looked around on the floor and saw that you accidently knocked it off the table when you were sleeping and it broke. The girl with the blue dress was broken off at her knees (ouch...) anf when you tried to crank it, it wouldn't make any music.

You sighed, looking at the girl in one hand and the music box in the other.

Hiro pulled back the divider and you turned to him.

"He- Woah... What happened to your music box?"

"Knocked it down in my sleep. Broken. It's fine, I can always get a new one"

[Hiro's Pov.]

"Knocked it down in my sleep. Broken. It's fine, I can always get a new one," (Y/N) said to me, smiling. There was sadness in her eyes that I knew she was holding back.

"Well, if you say so... Uh, happy birthday, (Y/N). Honey called you I prosume." She nodded in responce. "Well, you go, I have to get something done before I go."

"Well... Okay..."

She walked out with some clothes and when to change in the bathroom. I took the music box along with the girl in blue and took it to the garage. "Let's see..." I said to myself.

I took off the top and took out a screwdriver. I started fixing it up but accidently dropped the girl on my foot. It's heavier than I thought!

"Ow!" I yelled and the red luggage case in the corner beeped and Baymax inflated. Baymax walked over to me.

"I heard you scream when you got hurt. From a scale of-"

"I'm fine. I'm just trying to fix something and I dropped it," I said to him, turning back to the music box and continued fixing it.

Baymax looked over my shoulder,"That is (Y/N)'s."

"Yes, I know. She accidenrly broke it and I'm fixing it for her for her birthday."

"It seems that you have significant feelings for (Y/N)."

"No, I don't, Baymax," I said. I felt my face explode in red,"She's just my friend."

"Your face is red and hot. You definitly have feelings for (Y/N)," Baymax said, raising a finger and standing up straight.

I rolled my eyes,"Done." I closed the box and glued the girl on the top where it used to be.

I held up the music box in front of my face,"Finally..."

I put it in a (F/C) bag and put it on the table she always put the music box and headed to SFIT.

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