Well, I Guess It's True

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[Hiro's Pov.]
She's a progidy!?

That is not true! I thought i was the only one!

"I think I'll stay inside, Aunt Cass. I'm working on something,"(Y/N) said, smiling at Aunt Cass.

"Well okay. I'll be downstairs if you need me!" Aunt Cass says, walking down the stairs.

How does (Y/N) control Aunt Cass like that!?

[Your Pov.]

Back to animating. You had to finish it.

You went back behind the divider and started pulling out your laptop and all your art supplies: a pen tablet, flash drive, sketch book, pencils, and some extra paper.

You could feel Hiro staring at you as you started to set up your things.

You plugged everything in and sat on the swirvle chair. You flipped through the pages and stopped at the page with a (F/A) on it.

You began to draw it out digitally on your pen tablet that appeared onto the laptop. This shouldn't take too long.

"So, what are you doing?" Hiro asked. You haven't noticed him walking behind you and you jumped a little.

"Just drawing... It's for a project I'm making," you replied, continuing with the picture. You hadn't gotten very far, but it was looking okay.


You reached to your bag next to the desk and took out your phone and headphones. you plugged the headphones in and listened to music while you drew. Music always helped you work faster.

[Hiro's Pov.]

She's different than any girl I've ever met.

Very... Interesting I guess.

Everything was different about her than any normal girl.

She is way more to herself and independant, that's for sure.


I walked out to give her some time alone to do whatever she was doing and flopped onto my bed onto my bed. I let my legs go loose and my heel hit the metal bed frame hard.

Pain shot through my body,"Ow!"

Baymax's red luggage beeped and he inflated,"Hello Hiro." He waved in a circular motion.

"Uh, hey Baymax," I replied. I got up and peeked through the walkway of the divider and at (Y/N). She's still drawing and she hasn't heard a thing.

Baymax looked too,"Who is this female in Tadashi's room?"

"That's (Y/N), Honey's little sister. She's staying with us because her parents died recently and Honey doesn't have anyone to watch her while she's at school," I explained. Trying not to sound so interesed in (Y/N).

"Oh. Well, I believe that talking helps two people become what is called friends, so you should go talk to her," Baymax said, raising a finger. I smiled a little and shook mt head.

"She's busy with something. Plus, I just spoke to her like five minutes ago."

"That will not do. You need to be more open to the female gender. It is a normal thing for young boys going thro-"

A little heat rose in my cheeks,"Yeah, I know already okay! You don't need to tell me again."

"I shall go talk to her," Baymax said, walking toward (Y/N), barely fitting through the gap between the bookshelf and bed, knocking over some books.

He tapped her shoulder and she turned around to face Baymax.

[Your Pov.]

"Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. Hiro has told me about you, (Y/N), and I believe that you two should stop playing with such technology," he unplugs your pen tablet,"and talk to each other more. You are new, so making friends is a good way to start in a new city and home."

This is just like what Honey told you to do on that one phone call when you broke the news to her.

"Make friends and stop playing and drawing all the time."

You rolled your eyes,"You sound just like my big sister. I can take friends on my own, ya know."

Hiro folded his arms and smiled,"Well, I guess it's true. You became friends with me."

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