Just call me Aunt Cass

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[3rd Person Pov.]

When Honey stopped at the small cafè, (Y/N) was not very excited. It wasn't anything like the million times she had to move around from house to house and sometimes from city to city for school, but it had a little something about it.

(Y/N) held back from laughing a lot. She thought that sometimes, emotions and get in the way of her studies and make her forget all the things she learned on all those easy years of school and highschool.

(Y/N) grabbed her bag that was right next to her. She was sitting all the way to her window to avoid any contact with Hiro. He was just any normal boy to her.

She came out the backseat door and Hiro came along with her, she even held the door for him and closed it.

Hiro was a nervous wreck in (Y/N)'s eyes. He was always rubbing or scratching the back of his neck. Always looking around. Always glancing at her. Whenever he tried to say something to her, words never came out.

[Your Pov.]

Hiro was acting strange. He's always rubbing the back of his neck and looking around and stuff like that.

Everytime he tried to speak to me, he would hesitate and turn away. I wonder whats wrong.

Honey came up to me and hugging me around my neck while saying stuff i should and should'nt do,"Don't go bot fighting, its illegal, don't get Aunt Cass stressed or else she'll eat everything in the store, never ever touch something that isn't yours!"

"Geez, sis, I'm 13, graduated highschool at 12 and a half! Progidy of the family! I'll be fine!" I said, pushing Honey off me.

She sighed,"Okay then... Just listen to Aunt Cass okay?" You nodded.

[Hiro's Pov]

Honey went back into her car and drove off after our goodbyes. I looked at (Y/N),"You're a progidy?..."

"Yeah. I didn't plan it but I got basically school done. I don't really wanna go to college though," she replied, walking into the cafè. I followed behind her.

"Welcome to the Lucky Cat Cafè! How may I-" Aunt Cass said, but stopped when she turned around. "Oh my gosh! (Y/N)! You've gotten so big since the last time I saw you!"

"Probably because that was like years ago," (Y/N) replied, smiling a little. Hey, at least she's not full kuudere. And yes, I know what that means.

A kuudere is a girl who is always cool with everything and doesn't talk much until he  or she meets their love interest. Once they do, they start warming up to people. Others always get mixed up with kuuderes and danderes...

"So... Ms. Hamada, where will I be staying?" (Y/N) asked. Here it comes...

"Oh, don't call me that! Just call me Aunt Cass!" Aunt Cass said to (Y/N), waving her hand.

I walked upstairs quickly, avoiding eye contect with (Y/N). She's way out of my leage.


Sorry if this is a really shprt chapater. I have A LOT of studying to do for math. I'm actually trying to skip grades!

So, I wish you guys luck, so try to wish me some too!

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