Chapter 11 | Ashamed

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Chapter 11 | Ashamed

The sound of the door squeaking screeched in my ears as I stepped into the front door of my house. A familiar scent filled my nose as Ollie ran up to me. The smell of spaghetti filled the whole house, just like it did when I was a little girl.

"Hey, boy," I exclaimed, bending down to pet Ollie. He licked the palm of my hands and flipped over, begging me to rub his belly.

"Spoiled brat," I teased, giving in. He barked loudly in return.

A voice I haven't heard in the longest time spoke aloud. "Honey, is that you?" my mother's voice came from the kitchen.

Ollie ran off into the kitchen and I followed him in. "Mom? You're home?" I questioned.

My parents were never home, they were too busy working their butts off at their job. Was my dad home as well?

"Yes, honey, is your brother home too? This is sort of something both of you should hear," she answered, leading me towards the dining table to sit and talk.

Shane and I never used this dining table ever when they weren't home. We would just eat our meals in the living room or Shane would eat in his room. This dining room was foreign to me ever since they left for work.

"No, he doesn't come home until later," I informed her.

"Well, I guess I'll just tell him later then."

I waited for her to start talking. She said she had something to tell me and I wanted to hear it, but at the same time, I still had to meet Raysen at the library. I can't go against my own pet peeve about being late.

"Well," she started, "your father and I have decided that we haven't been such great parents to you and Shane. So, we have decided to take a break from our work offices and spend more time here with our children, for good."

My mouth dropped open. The parents that thought work was more important than me and Shane were finally back for good? I couldn't tell if this was a bad or good thing.

"Oh," was all that could come out of my mouth. '

What was I supposed to say to this type of news?

"I made your favorite dinner, spaghetti with meat sauce," she changed the subject in a soothing voice.

I loved my mom's spaghetti. When Shane tried to make it for me, he would always either undercook the noodles or buy the wrong sauce.

"Thank you, but I might not even be home to eat it. I'm tutoring this boy at the library in a few minutes," I informed her.

I truly felt bad. She came home to see her two children and we're not even going to be home for most of the day. Plus, she made my favorite dinner, which just adds the guilt to my shoulders.

"Oh, okay. I understand." She frowned and started to stand up, heading back to the kitchen.

"I'll try to be home, though," I sighed. "-I'll text Shane too."

Her face lit up with excitement. "That sounds amazing, thank you."

I offered her a small smile. "It'll finally be a family dinner again," I muttered.

Her face softened up with the word 'family'. "You wouldn't want to keep that boy waiting now. You should go, I'll prepare dinner."

My eyes opened wide. Within that time limit, I totally forgot about Raysen. My feet raced to my bedroom, throwing on a black long sleeve shirt and high waisted jeans. Ollie watched me frantically pace around my room, looking for my phone. He barked and growled at my backpack.

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