Chapter 15 | Feelings?

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Chapter 15 | Feelings?

"You're here on time today," I exclaimed, seeing Raysen step out of his car.

He slammed the door shut and walked his way to me. "Anything for you tutor girl," he laughed. "Why didn't you wait for me inside?" he asked, slinging his back over his shoulder.

"Didn't feel like it," I stated.

"Just walk, tutor girl," he chuckled.

We walked through the ramp to get to the tables in the library. To my surprise, it was nearly full, with only a few open seats left.

"Wow, who would've thought this place would be packed?" Raysen asked quite loudly.

A boy with glasses looked at him fiercely and then continued with his work. I giggled at his defensive of the library. I was a nerd, sure, but I don't get hurt when somebody badmouths the library.

"Where are we going to sit?"

"There's one booth left," he pointed to the corner of the room.

"But there's only one chair," I answered.

He smirked. "You can always sit on my lap."

"How about no?" I laughed.

The same boy with glasses had an empty chair right next to him. I strutted my way over to the boy and asked him if I could take the chair nobody was using. He gave me a brief nod, then returned back to writing.

These people do take this way too seriously.

I walked back to the booth where Raysen was already sitting down and taking out his textbook. "I got a chair," I whispered, making him jump out of his seat.

"You scared me," he whispered back.

"I can tell," I giggled. "So what do you need help on?"

I peeked over at the page he was on to get a better understanding of what he was struggling with.

"I don't get how to find the inverse of sine, cosine, and tangent."

He rubbed the back of his neck and looked back down of his paper. Raysen ran the palm of his hands over his face and groaned. "If I don't get a good grade, I can't play in the next game."

"Don't say that, you'll get to play. I'll make sure of it," I reassured him.

He let his hands drop from his face and his eyes looked straight into mine. Not paying attention, his hand gently landed on top of my own. In that moment, I could see the same vulnerability in his eyes and it was the exact same as when I tutored him for the first time.

An unfamiliar feeling arose in my stomach as his eyes bore into my own. I could see the different colors in them and how they held so much meaning inside.

I pulled my hand away from his touch and looked back at the textbook.

There was an awkward silence that ran through the both of us. It was a feeling I haven't overcome in a while. The gut feeling in my stomach told me that our hands touching didn't mean anything and that it wasn't right.

But my heart said otherwise.

"You really are the best tutor at school," he complimented.

I giggled at his comment. "Thank you."

Raysen looked down at his paper and then back at me. "I only have a few questions left, maybe we can grab a bite to eat or do something after?"

"Yeah, I'd really like that."

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