Chapter 09 | Ouch

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Chapter 09 | Ouch

"Ouch! Can't you be more gentle?" Raysen scolded, as I placed the ice pack on his bruises. His face scrunched in pain as the coldness overwhelmed the injuries.

Raysen's eyes closed in pain and his hands gripped onto the countertop he was sitting on, for support. I felt sorry for him. His abdomen was covered in bruises, some small and some large. My mind still raced as to how he got them.

"Sorry," I apologized, lifting the ice pack off of his skin for a while. His eyes opened slowly and looked directly into mine.

"You don't have to do this, you know? It doesn't hurt all that much," he confidently said.

"Yeah, well, your facial expressions tell me otherwise."

He sighed, defeatedly. "Why are you doing this for me, anyway? I haven't done anything for you, but waste your time by tutoring me."

I scrunched my eyebrows at him. The reason I was doing this was half for him and the other half for me. This would help me prepare for nursing if I decided to pursue that and because he looked like he needed the help.

"Tutoring you is not a waste of my time, Raysen," I admitted.

"Now, your facial reaction tells me otherwise," he replied.

I sighed. I admit that he was a pain sometimes, but there were good sides to tutoring him. The only thing I'm afraid of is when Shane and he will find out about each other.

"I like tutoring you believe it or not."

"Not," he mumbled.

"No, I'm serious. When I see you finally understanding the problems, it makes me happy. It shows me that I'm actually capable of teaching something for others to understand."

This made Raysen smile a little. I got caught off guard from what I saw in the reflection behind him. The mirror facing his back revealed a large cut on his shoulder, with bruises surrounding it.

Before he could say anything else, I flipped him around to see his shoulder clearly. "Raysen," I breathed out, inspecting his wound.

"Jade, come on, it's not that big of a deal," he argued, turning his front towards me.

This time, I wasn't attracted to his abs or his muscles but was more focused on his injuries. "Turn back around," I ordered. He wasn't going to try work his way out of this one, it's too late, I already saw it.


"Turn around," I demanded again.

A loud groan escaped his mouth as he turned his back towards me. The cut didn't look too deep, but it was deep enough to scar. I grabbed a clean towel hanging on the rack to my right and dipped it under warm water.

My hands carefully cleaned the cut so it didn't get infected. Raysen hissed in pain once the towel reached his skin. He proceeded into grabbing the counter again and hanging his head low.

I gently blew cold air onto the wound to ease the pain. My fingers unknowingly ran over the bruises surrounding it. The memory of me slapping his shoulder ran through my mind as I touched his soft skin.

I gasped in sorrow. "Oh my gosh, Raysen, I'm so sorry for slapping you earlier. I had no idea that you were hurt," I apologized.

I felt so stupid. If I had known he was injured, I wouldn't have slapped him like that, even though it was gentle.

"It's okay, tutor girl, you didn't know," he offered me a pained smile.

Reaching for the first aid kit, I grabbed a bandage and wrapped it around his cut. "That's better," I mumbled to myself, no longer having to see his pain.

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