Chapter 31 | Let's Talk

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Chapter 31 | Let's Talk

A week later, I was still as unproductive as I could get. I was currently sitting on the couch browsing through TV shows on Netflix. Every time I would try and watch something new, I would give up and continue watching something I already had, for the millionth time.

Life was hard.

It was boring as well.

I didn't really go out of the house these days. There was nothing much to do by myself. I knew that I could always have fun with Sadie and Mia, but it wouldn't fill the void that Ray did. Plus, they had their own boyfriends as well.

Toby asked out Sadie a few days ago and they've been really cute since. There was no way I would be fifth wheeling my best friends on their dates. That would just be awkward for everybody, and I didn't want that. So, staying home was the latter.

I checked my phone for any missed calls or texts, but nothing came up. I was officially back to being a nobody.

RIght as I was about to pick a show to watch, three knocks came to the front door. I scrunched my eyebrows together. Mom and Dad had gone to work already, and it was too early for Shane to get back from the gym.

Who could it be?

I slowly walked to the door, fixing my appearance a little. I opened the door cautiously, only to find the same girl at Starbucks with Ray, on my front porch.

What was she doing here and how did she know where I lived?

"Hi, do I know you?" I asked out of pure confusion.

She looked up at me. "You might have heard of me, I'm Angie."

My jaw almost dropped to the ground. So, this was the girl that drove Ray and Shane to hatred. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. I could see what my brother and Ray loved her.

"Oh, Shane isn't here right now. You can try again in a few hours."

She shook her head. "I actually came here to talk to you."

I looked at her confused, once again. "Me?"

"Yeah, about Raysen."

My eyes opened wide. Was she here to confront me or something? Or trying to tell me to back off?

I mentally prepared for the worst.

"Alright, come inside." I invited her in.

She smiled and let out a small 'thank you'.

We both sat on the couch in straight up awkwardness. I didn't know what to say to her. There was really nothing much to talk about.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" I asked.

She folded her hands together, elegantly. "Well, I'm sure you saw me with Raysen at Starbucks last week."

I nodded my head.

"I also saw you guys fighting outside," she commented.

"Yeah, go on."

She sighed. "Well, he told me about you, how you guys met, how you're his tutor, and how he asked you to be his girlfriend. He also told me what he did to you. I'll admit, his intentions were wrong, but he really loves you."

I was speechless. What was I supposed to say back? It was weird enough that we were both his ex-girlfriends.

"He hurt me."

She nodded her head. "Yeah, I understand that, but you hurt him too. You kissed his best friend."

"We were already broken up."

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