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Chapter 06 | Hide

Seconds after I checked my messages, the doorbell echoed through the house. I lazily got up from the couch and answered the door. Once the mahogany doors opened, it revealed a soaking wet Raysen. I was too busy sleeping I hadn't even realized it had been pouring. I wondered how long he was in the rain for. Did I really take that long to answer the door?

I snapped out of my thoughts and grabbed his arm pulling him inside the house. He was shivering even with all the layers he had on him. My feet ran to the nearest bathroom. I desperately searched for a towel handing it to him so he could dry off.

"You're late," I addressed, letting my voice slightly raise in irritation. He grabbed the towel from my hands and started dabbing his clothes. I had been impatiently waiting for him so we could finish our session before my brother got home. He was going to be here in ten minutes as he said in his text.

What am I going to do?

Raysen remained silent still using the towel to dry his clothes. I took this time to actual look at him closely. He wasn't the normal, cocky, self-centered, boy I always argued with. His physical state said otherwise. Raysen's shoulder slumped forward and the usual smirk on his face was no longer evident. Did something happen?

His eyes locked on the black coffee table sitting in the middle of the living room. My hands grabbed the towel from his and placed them on the couch. I hesitantly took his hand, hoping he wouldn't make a comment on the gesture. "Come on," I commanded, leading him up the stairs. The hallway leading to my room seemed way longer than it usually did. The silence was deafening.

I stopped in front of my door and let him in first. His eyes lifted off of the ground and studied my room. By the facial expressions he made, I could tell he was surprised. I didn't know if that was a good thing or bad. He first glanced at the posters on the wall and then at the pink roses on my desk.

The whole way up he didn't make a sarcastic remark about me holding his hand. Something was definitely wrong. "Sit down," I ordered pointing to my white comforter. He plopped down on the bed and continued looking at the ground. I scurried out of the room and into Shane's, to grab a sweatshirt and some sweatpants. He just needed to give it back before Shane realized it was missing.

"Here, change," I handed him the dry clothes I stole from my brother's closet.

"I'm fine," he finally answered me back. His eyes trailed to the black hoodie and gray pants. I could see the want in his eyes, he was just being polite.

"No, you're not. You're going to catch a cold. Change," I demanded one last time. A frustrated growl left his lips as he pulled off his shirt. I quickly turned around giving him some privacy. I heard a faint grunt behind me which caught my attention. My eyes shifted over to the mirror showing his reflection. His open revealed a huge bruise on his right rib cage. I shifted my feet over and stared back at him with wide eyes.

He let out a soft chuckle, fixing his shirt that now covered the bruise. "I knew I took your breath away, baby cakes," he jested. He was back to his normal self, making jokes about me. I smiled at him still wondering how he got the bruise.

Honestly, I liked him better when he was happy. It really worried me when he was quiet all of a sudden. The moment of appreciating his comeback was soon interrupted.

"Jade, I'm home!" a voice called from downstairs.

"Crap," I whispered under my breath. "Stay here," I warned him. If Shane found out he was here, let alone in my room, Raysen would not see the sunrise the next morning.

"Coming!" I shouted back at Shane. I quickly closed the door and ran down the stairs to greet my twin.

"So, where'd you go?" I small-talked.

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