Chapter 16 | Sleepover

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Chapter 16 | Sleepover

"Thanks for dinner," I told Raysen, pulling the seatbelt over my shoulder.

"It was my pleasure," he answered.

"We should do this more often, instead of just being cooped up in the library all the time," I blurted out.

Immediately realizing what I had said, the palm of my hand covered my mouth before I could let anything stupid slip out again.

Raysen laughed at my outburst. "We really should, tutor girl."

The words rolled off of his tongue so smoothly, I wish I could be that slick. The ride back to my house felt short. There was something in me that just wanted to stay and talk with Raysen all night long.

"Thank you," I thanked, getting out of the passenger seat.

He looked at my front door and the lights peeking out of the window sill. I could hear faint laughing from inside, my family didn't know how to be quiet at all.

"So that's what a real family must sound like," he muttered, with a defeated look on his face.

What was that supposed to mean? A real family?

"I had fun tonight," he exclaimed, masking his previous emotion.

I would invite him in, but I could already see how that would turn out. It was best if I said goodnight here before anything went any further.

"I had fun too. Goodnight, Raysen," I smiled.

"Goodnight, Jade."

I turned my heel and walked towards my front porch. His car engine was still running but he didn't drive away yet.

He was waiting for me to get inside.

My heart warmed at the thought. He really was a gentleman once you get to know him. I've never had anyone make sure I got inside safely before, so this felt nice.

The laughter raised in volume once I opened the front door. My whole family was sitting on the couch watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

"Hey, honey!" my mom exclaimed.


"You're home late," Shane added in. "Were you with your boyfriend, again?"

"Boyfriend?" Dad asked.

I quickly shook my head 'no'. Shane has got to stop doing that. Raysen was not my boyfriend, he was simply my tutoring student, that I had slight feelings for.

"No, he's not my boyfriend," I made myself clear.

"You should have invited him inside!" Mom said. "I would have loved to meet him."

She completely disregarded what I had just answered. "I think I'm just going to go up and change."

I headed to my room before I had to answer uncomfortable questions.

"We're going to meet him sometime soon anyways!" she yelled back.

I groaned in frustration. My eyes glanced over at the drawer where it held the new journal I had gotten from the mall. This would be the perfect time to vent my feelings out.

I opened up to the second page of the journal. My favorite pen was already waiting for me to pick it up and write. I didn't want to start off with the normal "Dear Diary", instead, I substituted it for the date.

Everybody is calling him my "boyfriend". It's getting quite frustrating having to explain to them that he's not. To be honest, my feelings are getting pretty hard to keep up with. Every time I'm around him my heart starts racing faster and my breaths get shallower. I'm all of a sudden getting nervous around him too, and it's messing with my brain.

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