Chapter 30 | Moved On

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Chapter 30 | Moved On

"No, James, stop. This is wrong," I said, pulling away from the kiss.

I touched my lips realizing what I had just done. James looked at me with wide eyes and a blank face.

The kiss didn't mean to happen. We just got caught up in the moment while he was comforting me about Ray.

"This was a mistake," I muttered to myself.

We were both sitting on his bed contemplating our choices. "Was it though?" he whispered in a hushed tone.

I looked over at him. "What did you say?"

"Nothing. You're right, I can't do this to my best friend."

He ran his hands over his face and into his hair. When he said he would be here if I ever needed him, I didn't necessarily mean it to be like this.

"He can't find out," I said out loud.

"Yeah, of course not. It was a one time thing," he agreed.

I nodded my head. "Yeah, we were just caught up in the moment."

A loud knock came to his door a few moments later. I almost jumped off of the bed as soon as I heard it.

"James, your mom let me in. I need to talk to you," the familiar voice that belonged to Ray, shouted.

"Hide," James muttered to me, practically shoving me in his closet.

"Uhm- come in," he answered. I could see him through the small cracks in his closet, pacing his room.

His door squeaked open, and in came Ray, looking distraught.

"Hey, what's up?" James asked frantically.

He kept glancing at the closet and then back at Ray.

Ray sighed. "I need to vent to you about Jade, man."

James nodded his head. "Alright," he said, plopping on his computer chair.

Ray faced him, sitting on the bed, fumbling with the sheets.

I didn't want to listen or eavesdrop on their conversation, but how could I not?

"She's not even listening to me or trying to hear me out, man. I didn't even get a chance to explain to her everything that actually happened," he started.

"Maybe, she's not ready to talk."

Ray nodded his head. "Yeah, but wouldn't she want an explanation? Don't girls like that kind of stuff?"

James cleared his throat and looked back and forth at me and then Ray. "Well, maybe she thinks she knows the whole story. You treated her as a game at first and then she found out and dumped you."

He was right. I didn't know the full story, but the fact that I was mistreated in the first place and taken for granted really messed with my heart. Not to mention the part where I fell in love and he didn't.

Ray groaned in frustration. "Yeah, my intentions weren't the greatest, but my feelings were real!"

James nodded his head and looked back at me in the closet. I could tell that he didn't really know how to respond. To be honest, I didn't know how I felt either. This whole time, I thought that he was just faking his love.

Could this really be the truth?

"Maybe you should tell her that then," James finally spoke.

He sighed. "I tried, but she's pretty set in stone that I didn't love her back."

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