Chapter 14 | Lucky

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Chapter 14 | Lucky

"So, how was the shopping date with your mom yesterday?" Sadie asked, punching in the combination into her locker. Free periods were the best part of Senior year.

"It was great! She bought me all sorts of things," I told her.

"Really? I wish my mom bought me stuff," she pouted.

"She got me a new journal and dress."

"What? Why didn't you wear the dress today then?" she exclaimed.

"Dresses and school don't match," I answered.

I wasn't like most of the girls here. I didn't like wearing dresses on a normal everyday basis. It just wasn't me. I was more of a denim kind of girl. I basically lived in my shorts and jeans, they were easy to move around in and comfortable for everyday use.

"Why not?" she argued.

"They just aren't me," I simply stated.

"Well, how would you know if you've never tried it?" she questioned.

She had a point there. I hadn't tried a lot of things in my lifetime, I was a pretty boring person. I liked staying in my comfort zone. Every time I tried something new, it always ended up in disaster or tragedy. So, I preferred staying in my personal bubble, it was a much safer than the new things life would throw at me.

But sometimes that's the beauty of it. Taking the leap and taking chances. If I don't grab them while it's there, I'm going to miss my life.

"True," I agreed.

"Who knows? Maybe Raysen will compliment you," she nudged my shoulder.

Here we go again.

"Enough, I'm just tutoring him," I said for the billionth time.

Talking about boys with her was like a second nature. It was built into Sadie's mind like a sixth sense. I didn't quite understand it because I've only been with one guy.

"Whatever, I know you secretly want him," she muttered.

I rolled my eyes at her. When would everyone stop jumping to conclusions? Seriously, I haven't said or done anything wrong for them to lead them up to this point. These outcomes were becoming outrageous.

"So when are you tutoring him again?" she nagged.

"After school today," I answered.

We were meeting at the same spot we met last week. I still wasn't ready to chance him being in my room again. The library was the safest place for that, and plus there were actually in public studying. Then, no one can get the wrong idea of us being together.

At first, I didn't have a problem with it, but at this point, all the unnecessary comments were just annoying. Especially the one's from Sadie, those really got unbearable, to the point where I just tune her out sometimes.

"You're lucky you get to see him all the time," she pouted.

I snickered at her commented. "Why?"

"Because you're friends with a hot football player! I wish I had that type of luck," she pouted.

"Define luck, because I'm pretty sure having a twin brother hate the person I'm tutoring, beats having him be hot."

"Yeah, but it's just one person's opinion," she challenged.

"That person happens to be the same one that I shared a womb with for nine months, I think his opinion is valid," I retorted.

She slammed her locker door shut. "Does his opinion on the boys you tutor really count? I mean it's not like you like him."

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