Chapter 05 | Late Tutor Session

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Chapter 05 | Late Tutor Session

During the last period of the day, I got a text from Raysen. My phone buzzed in my pocket flashing his name. I shot him a glare across the room. Why couldn't he wait to talk to me after class?

Raysen: We're still on for 6:30 tonight right?

Jade: Yeah. Stop texting in class.

Raysen: You're doing it too, baby cakes. Stop acting so perfect ;)

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and shot another death glare across the room. "Stop," I mouthed to him. He found that irritating me was amusing, so he decided to make an ever bigger scene.

"Mr. Riley?" Raysen's voice boomed through the walls of the classroom. I turned my head over to him to see what the commotion was about. His right arm was raised patiently waiting for the teacher to call on him.

"Yes, Raysen?" he answered impatiently.

"Can I sit by Jade? I have to ask her how to do this problem?" he announced to the whole class. All eyes darted back to me making me feel every ounce of embarrassment. I looked back over to Mr. Riley hoping he would decline his request. The glasses on Mr. Riley's face bobbed up and down as he nodded at Raysen.

I immediately put my head down on my desk wishing that this was just a dream and I would wake up soon. "Get up," Raysen's sexy voice demanded to the boy sitting next to me.

"W-where would I sit?" the boy with Harry Potter glasses asked him. Raysen looked at the boy like he was stupid. He pointed to the seat from where he previously sat. The nerdy kid nodded at him picking up all of his things and rushing over to the open seat.

Standing up, he dropped his scientific calculator at my feet. I picked it up before he had the chance to. "Sorry about him," I apologized for Raysen's behavior. He was actually quite rude at times.

"Hey, look who it is, my favorite nerd!" He exclaimed as he took his new seat. I grunted in response to his cocky attitude. "Nice to see you too Raysen, how is your day going so far?" he answered for me in a slightly higher pitch.

"I don't sound like that," I muttered, starting the worksheet Mr. Riley had given out for homework.

"And she speaks!" He exclaimed.

I lightly hit his arm. "Why do you have to be so loud?" I whisper-yelled.

"You think that's loud, baby cakes? You should see-" he started.

"Just bring out your worksheet," I instructed.

I looked at Raysen in my peripheral vision and noticed his lips curving upward into a smile. I realized that I had never actually seen him smile. He would always be pouting or smirking but never smiling. It looked good on him, he looked genuine and sweet. I mentally scoffed at my own thought. Did I really just think the conceited jerk was genuine? Something had to have been in that Starbucks drink for this morning.

I looked at him again to find him the exact same position as before. "What are you smiling at?" I questioned him, curious to know what made him so happy. Was there something on my face? Had I forgotten to button a button on my shirt?

Raysen chuckled at the look of panic on my face. "What?" I questioned again, impatiently this time.

"Nothing," he answered before looking back at his paper. The silence was killing me, I had to know. He couldn't just leave me hanging, that would be extremely abysmal of him. Now I was the one staring at him. My curiosity brought me to many different conclusions. Was he just staring at me to annoy me? Was there something that I did wrong?

"You think way too much, baby cakes," Raysen smirked, still trying to solve the problems on the worksheet. My right eyebrow lifted in confusion? He was doing his work, how could he possibly know what was going through my head?

"You're doing it again," he said without even taking a glance at me.

"How did you know that?" I asked in astonishment. The only person who could notice something without looking at me was my brother. I thought that it was a coincidence or twin telepathy we had, considering we shared the same womb for nine months.

"I told you, baby cakes, I know girls," he answered, winking right back at her. I scoffed due to his witty remark. I actually thought that we were going to have a nice conversation with no sarcastic comebacks, but Mr. Cocky here couldn't go a minute without shutting up.

The final bell rung making students rush out the door. I never understood how kids disliked school. There were so many new things to learn every day. "My house, six thirty. Don't be late," I warned Raysen.

Proper punctuality was something I admired. Those with poor habits such as coming late and making me wait was my biggest pet peeve. I believed that if someone were to make a plan with someone else, both sides should stick to it.

"Anything to be in your bedroom, baby cakes," his provocative personality took over him.

Outside of the classroom door stood Sadie waiting impatiently. "Taking your sweet time aren't you?" she sarcastically asked.

"You know me," I drawled. I never liked being rushed or waiting for others either. I was a hypocrite within myself, but that's what made me unique.

"So are you excited for tutoring session numero uno with our sexy football captain tonight?" Sadie asked making her voice as seductive as possible. I giggled at her bubbly personality.

"We're just going to be doing math homework," I plain-spokenly answered. There was nothing more going to happen other than math, end of story.

"In your bedroom," Sadie quickly replied.

I rolled my eyes once more at her statement. Who said anything about working her room? What about the kitchen or the living room? Those parts of the house were equally just as good for doing work in.


"Thanks for the ride," I thanked Sadie for the lift home. It was currently 5:45, which gave me exactly forty five minutes until Raysen was coming over. I mentally thanked God for not letting my brother be home or else I would have to meet him at the library to study.

While I was waiting, I thought I would tidy up the house so it would at least look presentable to live in. The house was not too messy, to begin with, but little touch ups here and there never hurt anybody.

I checked the time again, the clock read 6:35. Where was he? I specifically told him to come at 6:30. Did he forget? In the meantime, I thought I would take a quick nap until he arrived.

At 7:00, my phone vibrated from the text I got from my brother.

Shane: Coming home in ten

I checked her phone for any other messages I might have missed within my nap time. "No new messages," the automatic lady read aloud.

Where in the world was Raysen? 


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