Chapter 07 | Unspoken

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Chapter 07 | Unspoken

Raysen bolted straight for the door. His hands reached out for the silver doorknob. My eyes widened, remembering that I wasn't alone in the house. Shane had been home for quite a while now. Hopefully, he hadn't heard us talking. The walls in this house run fairly thin.

"You can't leave," I stammered. My posture straightened as he turned back around and looked at me. His eyes were shooting daggers at me, astonished at the way I spoke to him. His back arched like a cat does when he's on guard and his eyes were ice cold.

"Excuse me?" he hissed. There was a crease right above his forehead that showed anger and stress lines. The crease dug deeper into his skin as he furrowed his eyebrows.

I've never seen Raysen get so fired up before. Then again, I didn't know him that well. Within the time I have gotten to know him, he always seemed happy and relaxed. Is that all a facade he just puts on for show?

Maybe he has an alter ego.

"M-my brother," I stuttered, fearing what he was going to do next.

Raysen took a step towards me letting go of the doorknob. My whole body flinched and slowly inched it's way into the middle of the bed. Fear was evident in my eyes as I watched his every move. What was he going to do?

"I'm not going to hurt you," he quietly sighed. "-I'm not like that." He looked down at the ground as he muttered the end of his sentence. It sounded like it was more of a reassurance to him than it did for me.

He shifted his body weight onto the bed and just sat there. The comforter around my bed sunk down as it carried him on it. I was surprised at his actions, I was so sure that he would yell at me or give me a horrible lecture about how he was his own person and that he could make decisions for himself. My eyes watched him intently as silence filled my bedroom.

Raysen's posture fell forwards, bringing him into a slouching position. He let his face fall into the palm of his hands. What had happened to the boy who made sexual innuendos? Where had he gone?

"How long do I have to wait?" he asked, his voice muffled into the palm of his hands.

"About an hour or until he falls asleep," I informed him.

It could take a few minutes or many even a couple of hours. Shane never fell asleep at the exact same time every night. His sleeping schedule was always messed up, but that's how he lived his life. Who am I to judge?

I briefly noticed the nod he sent me. "Do you want to talk about it?" I whispered to him. Raysen let out a frustrated groan at my attempt to pry. From the little time, he knew me, I feel like he already figured me out.

I was somebody who always pushed for more. I'd never take no for an answer unless it was reasonable. By the look I almost always gave him when he was being annoying, he probably noticed that I always tried seeing the best in people despite their flaws.

I'm not quite the judgemental one in this family. Shane however, I think he gets it from our dad. Our parents love their work so much, I sometimes think that they put it first before their own kids. It's fine, as long as I get to see them once in awhile.

"Not really," he muttered under his breath.

I sighed heavily. He wasn't going to crack, at least not tonight he wouldn't. "We should actually get some work done," I said, trying to stall time. We should at least get work done as long as he was here.

He nodded his head and brought out a blue spiral notebook and his textbook. The papers were wet and the ink on his notes were all smudged. Raysen took the notebook and tried smoothing out the crumpled and wet paper. The gesture was only making the ink smear worse.

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