Chapter 21 | Official

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Chapter 21 | Official

The next morning, I woke up cheerful and giddy. Last night was definitely a night to remember. I didn't know how much fun socializing with people I didn't really hang out with, could be.

A few minutes after I had finished my regular morning routine, Shane came walking through my bedroom door.

"Hey, how was the party last night? You came home pretty late," he stated.

"It was pretty good, I made some new friends."

"Really? Like who?" he asked, plopping himself down on my chair, spinning himself around in it, like a little boy.

"James, and a couple of other people."

Shane nodded his head. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, I didn't expect to have had so much fun," I giggled.

He laughed, "Well don't get too wild. I still like having an innocent baby sister."

I rolled my eyes at him.

"So, how are you and Mia?" I pried for information.

"We're doing pretty good. I don't want to rush into anything just yet, so I don't mess it up," he admitted.

"My brother's all grown up," I said, in my best fake crying voice.

"Shut up," he chuckled.

My phone buzzed, with a text from Raysen attached to it.

Raysen: You free tonight?

I giggled at the text. Shane took a peek over at my phone and rolled his eyes.

"You're still going through with that?" He grunted.

"Yup," I answered, typing a text back.

Jade: Yeah

Raysen: Great, I'll pick you up at 6:30?

Jade: Sounds good

My heart was racing so quickly. The smile on my face showed it all. Shane could see the happiness written all over my face.

"Ew, I'm leaving now," he muttered.

I laughed at his reaction. He didn't seem too ticked off by it. Maybe him talking to Mia is warming him up a little.

I texted Sadie asking if she wanted to meet up at Starbucks to catch up on life since I haven't really hung out with her since the sleepover.

I quickly changed into a navy blue tank and tucked it into a pair of denim jeans.

"I'm going to Starbucks," I informed Shane, before leaving.

"Can you get me something?" he asked.

I nodded my head. "What do you want?"

"An iced vanilla latte and a blueberry scone, please."

"Coming right up," I imitated a waitress.


"Jade, over here!" Sadie called out, as I entered the doorway.

The strong whiff of coffee was mesmerizing. Nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning. It's like an immediate wake up call for your brain, saying your daily fix is here.

I walked over to the table and set my stuff down. "Good morning!" I chirped.

"Good morning," she greeted back. "I already ordered, you should too."

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