Chapter 03 | Twin Fights

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Chapter 03 | Twin Fights

After our long conversation, I couldn't go back to sleep. I was still awake laughing at how Raysen responded to my joke. It was only fair, he did it to me first. My alarm clock finally went off after I was staring at it for a long time. My arms lifted the comforter off so I could get out of bed. When I opened the door to get out of my bedroom, the smell of freshly cooked bacon filled the air. Who was awake at this time? Shane usually slept until the last minute and I would be the one responsible for dragging him out of his messy bedroom.

Once, I stepped on his underwear on the floor. I shuddered at the flashback. It was different than folding the laundry, those clothes were clean. The ones on his bedroom floor, now that's a question.

I made my way to the bathroom to get ready for school. My eyes stared into my closet full of clothes. Mom would buy me new clothes every now and then, sometimes a few things from Victoria Secret, but those were hidden in the depths of my closet. I liked what I wore on the daily. It wasn't too revealing and it didn't look completely horrendous.

I brought out my favorite gray cardigan, putting it over my loose cream tank top. The new black jeans I just bought fit my body perfectly as I changed out of my Hello Kitty pajama bottoms. If anyone were to see me in these, I would be completely humiliated.

The girls my age probably wore sexy lingerie to sleep. I decided to not live that lifestyle. It's not like I'm dressing to impress any boy. Shane doesn't count because he's my brother and Ollie, well he's a dog.

I applied a little bit of mascara on my lashes making my boring brown eyes look bigger than they actually were. Hearing the clinking of pans crashing made me curious to see what was going on downstairs. I made my way down to see what all the noise was about.

Shane stood in the kitchen placing eggs on an empty plate. "Shane, what are you doing up so early?" I asked in astonishment of his early morning gesture. Was this a new habit he was going to pick up? I wouldn't mind having freshly cooked breakfast every morning. He lifted his head up from the plate and gave me a cold look.

"Making breakfast," he answered in a 'duh' voice. I rolled my eyes at him due to the broadness of his answer. I wanted a definite answer, not an answer that would keep my mind wondering.

"Yeah, but why are you up so early? You usually sleep until we have like five minutes left to get to school." I ranted.

The look he was giving me right now was not a good sign. I could distinctly see the bags under his eyes and his hair was poking out in all sorts of directions.

"Because of you!" he snapped, making me take a step back, "You were being so loud laughing last night, you woke me up! Who were talking to anyway?" he questioned, his face red with anger.

I smiled and let out a small giggle reminiscing last night's call. Raysen was a fun person to talk to at night. If he would cut out some less sexual things, then I wouldn't mind doing it again. "It isn't funny! I didn't get any sleep." Shane complained. The grin was wiped completely off of my face once he shouted, I knew how much my brother loved his sleep.

"The last time I heard you laugh that hard, you were still with Logan," he revealed.

I choked on the glass of milk I had just poured for myself. He did not just say that to me. "Shit," Shane cursed under his breath, probably realizing what he just said.

Logan was my ex-boyfriend who left me for a reason I didn't even know about. He left without explaining himself to me. My theory about him leaving was that one day, he woke up realizing that I wasn't enough for him and that he found someone better. He broke up with me on the eighteenth of November, making me despise that day ever since. He was currently the captain of Courtside High School, Ridgewood's rival. Ever since the breakup, I left him alone. That was the day I stopped trusting boys, except Shane, of course.

I placed down the glass of milk and grabbed a piece of bacon before walking out the front door. "Jade, wait! I didn't mean to-" he attempted to call after me, but I shut the front door before he could.

He promised me that he would never bring Logan up ever again because of the way he hurt me. Shane agreed to the promise because he hated seeing me in pain.

"Can you pick me up today?" I called Sadie, my best friend. She was always there for me when I needed her. I guess that's one of the benefits of having your best friend live pretty close to you.

"Sure, why isn't Shane dropping you off?" she questioned, knowing how close me and my brother were.

"Long story," I briefly explained before hanging up the phone.

A light blue bug car pulled up in front of my house revealing a flushed out Sadie. I made a face, cringing, at her car. She got it for her sixteenth birthday and was expected to drive it up until her Senior year. "I know, this is my last year driving it!" Sadie argued, reacting to her my facial expressions.

"Well, hello, to you too," I answered her back.

Pulling out of the driveway, Sadie broke the unwanted silence. "So what did he do?" she finally asked. That was the thing about Sadie, patience was never an argument with her. It was always straight to the point, never a little small talk first.

"He brought up-" I stopped right before saying his name. Not that I didn't want to say it, but he hurt me too much that his name became unfamiliar to my tongue.

"Oh," Sadie said before turning into a Starbucks parking lot.

I looked around the almost empty parking lot and then back at Sadie, confused. "What are we doing here?"

"We're here to get you the sugariest drink to help you forget about that douche bag," she smiled and unlocked the doors.

"This is why I love you," I smiled, bringing her into a hug.

The inside of Starbucks held no line considering how early the morning still was. "Hi, can I have a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with Java Chips?" I told the barista at the front counter.

"Can I have a name please?" the blonde hair girl asked, waiting to write down a name.

"Jade," I replied before handing her the cash.

The sound of the blender whirring overpowered my conversation with Sadie. "Jane," the barista attempted to call my name.

Why does everyone think my name is Jane? First Raysen and now this lady too.

"Close enough," I muttered under my breath which made Sadie giggle.

She knew how much it bugged me when others got my name mixed up. I mean, how hard was it to get? It's not that complicated.

After pushing the long green straw through the fluffy whipped cream, I took a step back hitting a hard surface. "Jade, watch out!" Sadie warned me a little too late.

A strong pair of hands caught me by the waist helping me back up to my feet. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," I apologized before turning around.

"Tutor girl," the same deep sexy voice I couldn't get off my mind last night, answered.

I turned my back around, letting his hands slip off of my waist. "Raysen," I replied out of breath from my near fall.

"Watch where you're going, baby cakes, we can't have you falling now. I mean who else is going to help me at two in the morning?" he smirked looking down at me.

Sadie grabbed my arm dragging me outside. "Explanation, now," she demanded.

"What?" I questioned, not understanding what she meant. I was in the middle of a conversation, how rude.

"How do you know him and why is he calling you tutor girl?" her eyebrow jolted up in curiosity. This is going to be an interesting conversation to have before school.  


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