Chapter 20 | Happy Birthday

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Chapter 20 | Happy Birthday

"Jade!" Raysen's voice called out from behind me.

I stopped in my tracks for him to catch up to me.

"Hey," I greeted, continuing walking at a slower pace once he caught up.

"How are you?" he asked, smiling down at me.

He was tall, I never really noticed his height up until now. The boy towered over me like I was some kind of small creature in his world.

"I'm good. How are you?" I replied.

I haven't really been checking in on him, to be honest. It's not like I didn't care for him because I'm pretty sure that everyone can see that by now. It's just that I didn't want to hurt Shane even more, he was my brother after all.

"I'm alright, been doing better," he replied.

"That's good," I answered.

He stopped right in front of me, blocking me from walking forward. He pulled something out from his backpack and held in out to me.

It was a piece of paper in an envelope.

I took the paper from his hand and opened it slowly. The paper inside was an invitation to his birthday party. It was tomorrow at Crimson Lake.

"Come to my birthday party," he chuckled.

I looked back at him and smiled. "I don't really roll with your crowd though."

"Please? For me?" he begged.

I giggled at him pleading. "I'll try to make it," I replied.

"Yes!" he exclaimed loudly.

"What do I wear? Something casual? Dressy?" I asked.

Raysen chuckled at my questions. It was the truth, I didn't know hot to dress for these sorts of occasions. It wasn't like I went to parties often and when I did, I had a hard time finding the perfect outfit.

"Anything you want, but just wear a swimsuit underneath," he instructed.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just if you want to take a dip in the lake or in the hot tub," he answered.

I nodded my head at him and checked my phone. I didn't really have anywhere to be on Friday evenings after school, usually, I would just be cramped in my room doing my homework or reading a book.

Today, was different, I was going to go to the mall to buy him a present, and pick out a new bathing suit as well. I didn't go swimming that often, to be honest. I wasn't the biggest fan of bodies of water, but I didn't completely hate it either.

Plus, the bathing suits I had already owned were way too small for me now. They were not exactly teens would wear nowadays either. It was time to do some serious shopping.

"I'll text you, I have to go," I informed him, and walked quickly to my car.

I drove to the mall and went to the first bathing suit store I could find. Showing a lot of skin wasn't really my forte, and I wasn't really comfortable having everyone look at me with minimal clothing on. However, if the party was at night, then there would be not a lot of lighting, so maybe it would be alright.

My eyes landed on a brownish-gray frilly top and high waisted bottoms. I walked over to it and touched the material.

"Hi, ma'am, how can I help you today?" a worker asked.

"Hi, can I try this on?" I asked her, pointing to the swimsuit.

She nodded her head and carried it over to the fitting rooms. "You can ring this bell if you need any more sizes," she instructed, pointing to the doorbell looking button on the side of the wall.

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