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Levi's Protection by fo3v3randalwayz
Levi's Protectionby fo3v3randalwayz
Willow Reynolds never expected to be attacked... or expected to be saved by a gorgeous bad boy. Never expected to be tied up and held hostage by her savior. She defini...
  • savior
  • runaway
  • love
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The Boy With The Broken Wings | ✓ by bitteur
The Boy With The Broken Wings | ✓by isabelle
❝His love roared louder than her demons.❞ | ~ • ~ | Nessa Coleman wishes she was like any other 17-year-old girl out there. But unfortunately for her, not every 17-year...
  • sad
  • dangerous
  • abuse
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Bad Boy's Protection (Protector #1) by 3dream_writer3
Bad Boy's Protection (Protector #1)by Laeti
*Warning: There will be minor spelling errors that I'm too lazy to fix, so read at your own risk. Seriously, I was just getting the hang of writing a novel and this book...
  • troublemaker
  • romance
  • love
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Oh, Brother | ✓ by NeekieWriter
Oh, Brother | ✓by ❝ a r s e n ❞
"I want a brother. Someone who would protect me, love me, care for me." "I'll be that brother." ↟ ↠ ↡ When your the daughter, the only child, of tw...
  • protect
  • fighting
  • sister
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Us By Force ✔ by Nadineat2
Us By Force ✔by Nadine AT
"Are you mute?" I asked him, feeling pissed off at my situation that I got forced into. He looked at me and without any care in the world, he shook his head no...
  • romance
  • selfishness
  • lonely
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The Alpha's Young Mate (unedited) by True_lies13
The Alpha's Young Mate (unedited)by True_lies13
19 year old Alpha Clayton finally comes home from being away for 5 years at Alpha Training, and when he is finally back, he finds his lovely mate - in the face of his Be...
  • protect
  • luna
  • love
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Deadly Game - Extra by TheDreamingGirl13
Deadly Game - Extraby Anna
This is a collection of short scenes in different POV's from Deadly Game... If you want a POV, feel free to ask, and I'll see what I come up with!!
  • different
  • rebel
  • view
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The Criminal and I by iwilltrustnoone
The Criminal and Iby iwilltrustnoone
❝What is love? Is it one thing, many things or everything?❞ I am Juliet Caito and this is the story of the criminal and I.
  • badboy
  • bad
  • fight
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#Headquarters: Shielded by RubyLeighSmith
#Headquarters: Shieldedby RubyLeighSmith
Patrick and Charlotte must protect England against its newest threat. David Ferguson. He plans to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and become King. Patrick and Charlotte must r...
  • london
  • protect
  • sequel
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The Protecter | n.h. by xxDisneyGirlsxx
The Protecter | Meg & Amber
A brutal war. A thousand year old curse. A boy haunted by his Past, A girl afraid of the Future. And a love that could end the World. ❝If you choose to l...
  • fallen
  • dark
  • curse
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sonamy rose's thorn by Uchiha_siblings
sonamy rose's thornby sasunaru
Sonic is Amy's thorn he will protect her at any cost even if it takes his life he will be by her side no matter what happens
  • sonamy
  • protect
  • shadgela
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Saving Woods by MyPanicFallOutKids
Saving Woodsby MyPanicFallOutKids
Averi picked up her rabbit pet. "It's okay, Yanos. The machines will never hurt us." Averi blew two sharp whistles in the air. Animals came out from everywher...
  • protect
  • saving
  • forest
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The Some Wild by Micale-reader
The Some Wildby Micale-reader
When Kayla finds out her secret family deep in the unknown woods she soon discovers there is more than one side to herself. One with paws and one with two feet and nor...
  • romance
  • alpha
  • exposed
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adoped by payzer by RyleighHarding6
adoped by payzerby Ryleigh Harding
Kelsey Johnson has been a positive 9 year old while she has gone through Beatings. Life will change when she tries to commit suicide and Liam and Danielle decide to go...
  • onedirection
  • boys
  • band
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Unborn Child Part 2 by halgh1496
Unborn Child Part 2by halgh1496
  • cruel
  • cold
  • world
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The Legend of Jade by effinshizz
The Legend of Jadeby shattered
Stealing something is difficult. But protecting something is much difficult. Most of all, if it's so important. The Legend of Jade by Mei-chan0315 and Max Posted by me...
  • fantasy
  • friends
  • class
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Sana by mohjitzi
Sanaby mohjitzi
Naranasan mo na bang umasa ? Naranasan mo na bang nasaktan ?. Subaybayan natin si Jack na may lihim na pagtingin kay Angela. Si Jake naman ang bestfriend ni Jack na man...
  • romance
  • care
  • hopeful
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Bad boy, my bodyguard? by hannahlovesscotty93
Bad boy, my bodyguard?by hannahlovesscotty93
Kinsley Blue Haynes is a quiet girl, always minds her own business and sticks to her small group of friends. Dallas Allen Jones is a bad boy who parties and drinks with...
  • bodyguard
  • kinsley
  • good
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Guardian by gabriellekearns
Guardianby Gabrielle
"Will you protect me?" "Of course." "Promise?" "I promise."
  • protect
  • guardian
  • love
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