Chapter 01 | Tutor Girl

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Chapter 01 | Tutor Girl

"Miss Clarke, could you please wait a moment?" Mr. Riley called out my name before I had a chance to step out of his classroom door. I backtracked to his black wooden desk waiting for him to respond.

"Is there something I could help you with?" I asked desperately, not wanting to miss my ride home. There was no way I was catching the city bus right now.

"Actually, yes, there is. You are one of my best students in this class, partially because you do all of your homework, but also because you have aced every single test this year," he answered smiling widely at me, showing me his pearly whites.

"Kiss ass," the black haired boy in the royal blue football jersey muttered.

Mr. Riley turned his head at the boy furrowing his eyebrows and glaring at him as a warning sign he did when a student pissed him off. The boy put his hands up in surrender and rolled his eyes. "As I was saying," Mr. Riley continued, "Raysen here, is not doing too hot in Trigonometry and needs serious help. Since you are the smartest in the math department, I was wondering if you would be willing to tutor him," he finished.

"Mr. Riley, don't get me wrong, I'm honored, but-"

"Just think about it." he cut me off.

I nodded and walked out of the door. Was I going to have time to tutor another student? I had so much on my plate right now, college applications were due soon and I needed to get into a good school. No distractions could come in my way, not right now, at least.

"Jane, wait!" a deep sexy voice yelled out. I felt my wrist being trapped in a firm grip. My hair whipped around my shoulder when I turned my head to see who attempted to call out my name. It was the same boy who made the sarcastic comment in Mr. Riley's room.

"It's Jade," I corrected him, looking down at his arm clutching mine.

Wow, was his grip strong or what?

"Yeah, whatever, Miss Perfect. Can you please tutor me? The work just doesn't make sense to me and I'm failing. I need to get a C or higher so I can play in future games." he explained giving me the puppy dog eyes, thinking that had an effect on me.

My body stiffened at the name he gave me. I wasn't anything close to perfect, my flaws defined me, I knew that for a fact. My eyes studied him in his vulnerable state contemplating whether or not I should tutor the captain of the football team. A brief flashback played through my mind as I remembered who this boy standing in front of me was. It was the one and only Raysen Pierce, my twin brother's arch nemesis.

I felt a vibration in my back pocket, grabbing my undivided attention. I glanced at the Caller ID before picking up. "Hello?" I answered my impatient brother. I looked into Raysen's brown eyes, holding up a finger signaling him to hold on while I took the call. He nodded his head before pulling out his own phone from his backpack. I took this time to inspect the tall boy standing in front of me. If Shane could see the way I was looking at him right now, he would definitely be furious.

"Where are you? I've been waiting forever!" Shane complained loudly.

I pulled the phone away from my ear, not wanting to hear another one of his annoying lectures. "I'm coming, hold on," I answered calmly, then ended the call, not wanting to fight with him in front of Raysen.

"Raysen, I don't know. There are other great tutors here at Ridgewood."

Raysen picked his head up from his phone and immediately shoved it into his pocket. "But Mr. Riley said you're the best and I only want the best," he pouted like a five-year-old.

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