44- Scorpio X Virgo

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Scorpio (f) X Virgo (f) - dedicated to - Pantherlily24



In the school courtyard where the leaves burned red, nothing ever seemed to change.

Holy schnitzel it hurt like hell.... But maybe that's why they call it a crush: it crushes you. Scorpio watched as Virgo went to get a congratulatory hug from her boyfriend Leo, her mouth shriveling into a scowl. She felt like most all things that she had ever loved had left, her cat had run away, her wifi abandoned her in the middle of her otp making out, nothing good was coming out of this day.

Sighing, she kept off the bleachers and sauntered out of the gym, feeling like this particular miserable was the kind that needed some real treatment (and by that she meant icecream). The hallways were quiet and all that followed were the shadows of the short girl back in the gymnasium. Scorpio tried to keep her mind away from what Virgo must be doing right now.

That corner there, they would sit and drink coffee on chilly afternoons.

Leo probably had his hands halfway up her shirt.

Stairways in the corner were the perfect place for them to sit and do their homework.

He probably had no idea exactly what type of gem he won, and he better respect her, because she was so much better than he deserved.

The bathroom doors that they fell through when Virgo needed a shoulder to cry on.

She deserved so much better.

The murals they helped paint, splattering each other with blues and greens from the acrylics.

Scorpio balled her fists as she reached the other end of the school.

The school courtyard where the leaves had turned red....

A heavy sigh heaved itself out of her lungs as Scorpio let her bag fall off her shoulders.

And the wind had whistled sweet nothings...

Sobs wracked her body.

And she had mustered up the courage,

She fell to her knees, head bowed down as if to reprimand her feelings.

And been rejected before she even confessed.


It got harder, every day, when the leaves burned redder, marking each day after the anniversary of a year long suffering. Tracing paths would wear holes into the tiled floor of the school, so Scorpio settled for just sitting and observing.

Each morning she saw Virgo in the corner, sipping coffee and chatting with Leo, or doing homework in the afternoon on their staircase. Scorpio stiffened as the two walked into the girls bathroom, evacuating as soon as the figures entered.

No longer a place to call their own.

Nothing seemed to bring back together the friendship that Scorpio didn't want to shatter, fragments remaining scattered, like the pieces of her heart. The future did not seem bright, but in the court yard of the school, where the leaves burned redder, Scorpio found that nothing acted differently, and maybe the past wasn't something she wanted to go back to.


Whew! I made it(yes I forgot to prewrite this)! I hope you all enjoyed, remember to comment below what you would like to see next! À plus tard mes beignets!


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