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Asteria: The Realm of Space by char196
Asteria: The Realm of Spaceby Charis Starr
What happens when the stars and constellations become actual people? These constellations and stars view Earth as the Marble and live in the sky, known to them as Asteri...
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Anime zodiacs ~^-^~ by LameKpopLime
Anime zodiacs ~^-^~by GreenLime ~^-^~
Anime zodiacs -feel free to recommend me your favorite anime -requests are open -i won't update daily but i will try at least two times a week coz i'm a lazy person -b...
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Zodiacs by CORALLLreef
Zodiacsby 🍃Tomato🍃
I don't know I've never been the best at giving descriptions so I guess read it to figure out? ????????
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South Park Zodiacs by suga-flavored
South Park Zodiacsby ...hiatus...
I made this because there aren't enough South Park Zodiacs. \(.<.)/ Anyways, enjoy this book. STARTED: June 10, 2017 Highest: #44 in Random (Thank you!) ...
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Zodiac Signs by taegusta
Zodiac Signsby taegusta
This is just a normal zodiac book. Have fun reading it!!!! written in like 2014-2016???... idk it's ancient
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by BlackDash_the_otaku2
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Lari♢ 《Anime》
Read the title🔪
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by HiddenTrash
Creepypasta Zodiacsby ~ ☆ Broooke☆~
Read The Title Bruh!!
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Zodiac Signs 2 by xolgaaax
Zodiac Signs 2by olya
Book 2 of Zodiac Signs. Contains: - fun facts - zodiac squads - personality traits - zodiac relationships & many more!! (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR...
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Anime Zodiacs (2018) by _contagion_
Anime Zodiacs (2018)by itspronouncedmehmay
A collection of anime zodiacs put together by yours truly. I found some of these on the internet and some are made by me. Hope you enjoy! Pictures on the cover are by...
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hamilton zodiacs by lilaclovers
hamilton zodiacsby andy 💜
hamilton zodiacs !
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Kingdoms of Zodiac by elenasinc
Kingdoms of Zodiacby Lani👅
Zodia is a world much like our own, except it's split into 12 kingdoms. Everything is ruled under the same monarchy meaning all teenagers are required to attend school i...
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Making Senpai Notice Me (Pisces x Scorpio) by Little_Penguinz
Making Senpai Notice Me (Pisces x...by L i l y
|completed| A love story between a Pisces girl and a Scorpio boy. "Don't expect to plant a rose garden without any thorns" [Making Senpai notice me]
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Creepypasta zodiacs  by unni_e
Creepypasta zodiacs by 𝒦𝒶𝒸𝒾
Creepy pasta zodiacs For fun 3🏆- #zodiac
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Creepypasta Zodiacs  by Bianca_BellaBell
Creepypasta Zodiacs by Bianca
ya I know a lot of people have done this but eh. enjoy. Or don't enjoy. Depends on who u are...
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BTS ZODIACS  by baengbaengtaen
BTS ZODIACS by beautaeful
A book is about BTS, but "Zodiac Edition". Yey, lel. Hope you have fun reading this book <3. ~baengbaengta...
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Creepypasta Zodiacs #1 ✔ by zoethewolfgirl
Creepypasta Zodiacs #1 ✔by ZOZO
New cover made by @Jaschicken, thank you so much! The title says it all :3
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[✖️] Creepypasta Zodiacs by Vikingmetaltoby
[✖️] Creepypasta Zodiacsby ✱ Creepypasta ✱
Howdy. The names' Flowey. Flowey The Flower.
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Mystic Messenger - Zodiac Book by simply_possessive
Mystic Messenger - Zodiac Bookby Ƙιяα
Hiya ;) Not many of these are around yet and I thought it'd be fun to do this, so why not? Also, don't be afraid to request a scenario~ *Might not be exactly spoiler fre...
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ᗒᗒCreepypasta Zodiacs ᗕᗕ by XxItz_ZoexX
ᗒᗒCreepypasta Zodiacs ᗕᗕby Xx_N¤B¤DY_xX
I love Zodiacs and I love Creepypasta, Why not put the two together?, find out who your are paired with, with your Zodiac!
  • ticcitoby
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bts zodiacs by nvmggukie
bts zodiacsby 『 beth 』
[lower-case intended!] honestly, i'm not sure why i made this. but anyways, here you go, reader. *hands over book* ^-^ (some mature stuff is included, by the way, but th...
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