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𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕙𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕧𝕖 ( Zodiac Story ) by Blaze_ok
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕙𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕧𝕖 (...by Vee <3
The twelve zodiacs, leave their kingdoms in celestia to live at Astria High, to go into hiding from the evil organisation - "the other side" They are made to l...
Zodiac Highschool by lynncisco
Zodiac Highschoolby Moonie Gamer
In a universe called Zodea, 12 teenagers have been accepted into a "normal" highschool, they don't know what's to come for them.. tears, happiness, anger and p...
Descendents Of Legends (Complete) by Forever_Asleep
Descendents Of Legends (Complete)by 4.15.14
This Story is about students who are descendents of Legends or share similar Powers to them. There is a group of 12 who are descendents of Zodiacs, and share the ancient...
Six And Six (Zodiacs) by AuthorEinstein789
Six And Six (Zodiacs)by Author Einstein
*May contain coarse language and sexual references Life for our twelve main characters have never been easy, being in a gang brought them just low of enough money to liv...
Gemini Capricorn and Aries by fareeyuh
Gemini Capricorn and Ariesby far
The zodiac realm was a home for each and every zodiac. Up until now. Highest rankings: #1 in Capricorn
Heavenly Hell  by abiguniowska9
Heavenly Hell by Alexakuroikashisuna
In Heaven queen Celestia is currently ruling. In hell there's Ophichius. One day the zodiacs meet at a ball made to celebrate the 1000th year of peace between the 2 worl...
5 am // zodiac story by Vodkakiddouwu
5 am // zodiac storyby {ConfirmedMary}
【"I woke up at 5 AM thinking about you."】 【"And I dont know why  But i like it."】 The zodiacs all wakened at 5 AM perpetually since they're 3. no...
Zodiac Mansion by zylistic
Zodiac Mansionby !!STAY SAFE!!
12 zodiacs. 6 boys, 6 girls. What could go wrong? Apparently, a LOT. They were casted down from the sky prior to their wish of living like a human. Now, they're all livi...
Zodiac High!! by BananaTreeLady
Zodiac High!!by Lana Banana
Imagine if the 12 zodiacs (you know who they are) lived on Earth and went to the same high school! What love, drama, and adventure awaits? Sorry in advance if this book...
Zodiac Adventures by Lexiorious
Zodiac Adventuresby Momma Procrastination
The zodiacs are new to LeaveHood Academy and all are looking forward to new adventures and friends. Buuuuttt their adventures are waayyyy too crazy than they thought the...
Zodiac Street by lunarella-
Zodiac Streetby LUNA
Surely, you heard of those many zodiac stories about living in mansions and having countless adventures, have you? Well, what if I tell you this book is like that, but i...
Zodiac School of Gifted Children by Zodiacing
Zodiac School of Gifted Childrenby Zodi
It's the Zodiac signs all as teens. They attend a special high school for gifted kids. They have special powers and have no clue why they are here. Follow them on their...
Zodiac Scenarios by OtakuArtistNekoChan
Zodiac Scenariosby Makkuroi
It's a book on various Zodiac Scenarios. Please favourite, comment and vote! These are all taken from the internet.
Bnha/Mha zodiacs by Lemon_Roll
Bnha/Mha zodiacsby ily Kuroo kinnies <3
Pretty self explanatory. Requests are open. 👌🏻 Kill me :)
The Zodiac Life by Cazzrew
The Zodiac Lifeby MahiNotBreadfruit
Highest Ranks: #1 in zodiacs #2 in pisces #7 in aquarius #4 in gemini #4 in virgo #4 in sagittarius Zodiac's are human! Not only that but they are going to live together...
Creepypasta Zodiacs by VikingMetalToby
Creepypasta Zodiacsby ⦻a freaking muppet
in actuality , this is just a shrimp catalog.
Danganronpa Zodiacs by UltimateRandomiser
Danganronpa Zodiacsby UltimateRandomiser
I came across some of these and loved them. However, soon I realised, that there aren't many of these, so I decided to make one on my own.
MHA Zodiacs by LemonXBoi
MHA Zodiacsby Lemon
#1 in Bnhazodiac 2-18-21 #5 in Zodiacs 3-30-21 #4 in simps 4-17-21
Çręëpŷpåśtā Zödįãçš by _Wildfire_Puppeteer_
Çręëpŷpåśtā Zödįãçšby _macarbe_mxniac_
C̵̛̩͊̂̓́͜͝r̵̲̹̠̂̊̀̊̅e̵̡̗̮̞̰̣͖̐͆́͛̊̇͒͝ë̷͓́̈̑͆ṗ̸̫͗̍̌͋̾̂̃́̚ỹ̵̮̮́̿̉̆̿͑̑̚͘p̶̤̺͈͐̓̍͠à̷̧̰̪̱̓̈̊͆s̷͓̣̲̳̻̑̓͆̊͋̈́̆ṫ̴̨̬̰̬̦͐͐̔̆a̵͔̟̘̬̗̗̾̔̕ ̵̬̭̞̭͙̪̙̠͊̏̌̆͋̓́̂Z̸̬͉͐̉̉̇͛̈́̎̎͐̊ȏ̸͈̄̓d̷͗...