34-Virgo X Scorpio

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Virgo (f) X Scorpio (m) - dedicated to - Janime_269



"It's all your fault!" Virgo threw a hair brush at him.

Scorpio yelled out from his hiding spot in the closet, "Just because I was drunk and Leo drove me home doesn't mean that you should be taking it out on me!"

"You!" Virgo fumed as she slammed the door of the closet open, "Because of you my only family is hospitalized and comatose!"

"It was an accident! We both were in need of forgetting someone and we succeeded far too much!" Scorpio hid in the corner of the closet. His eyes pricked with tears, he loved her so much, but she never saw him that way, her bright cheery smile never turned his way, her angelic songs never meant for his ears.

He suddenly stood up from the closet, "I'm sorry for your brother and I being able to ease each other's pain!"

He rushed out into the hallway, slamming the door shut behind him. Virgo stood wide eyed in her messy apartment, where she and her brother had lived. Scorpio was his best friend, wouldn't he be in as much pain as she was in now? Where had it all gone wrong? When had her heart turned away from her brother so much that she couldn't see he was in pain?

She crumpled to the ground, kneeling as if in prayer, tears staining her cheeks. How could she be a such a fool? She was supposed to be his place to come back to, and she had allowed herself to let go of that and drift towards his best friend, the person he had started calling home. Virgo had never known what it was like to make mistakes, now she knew. She knew what her mistake was, and she knew she had to remedy it.


So, it's a little bit of angst sorry if you weren't expecting  that. But as always, leave in the comments below what you would like to see next! A plus tard mes beignets!


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