Pisces X Taurus

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Pisces (f) X Taurus (m) - dedicated to - HeroDaye

Meet at school


It was in ELA where we met. My heart was beating out of my chest when I saw her, my palms becoming sweaty and my eyes darting everywhere in hopes to see her later. I looked forward to English every day from then on.

The teacher announced one day, "I've put pairs together for the next upcoming project so if you see your name on the board, go sit with your partner."

I glanced at the board when I saw her get up and sit in the desk next to mine. She held out her hand.

"Taurus right?" She smiled, "My name's Pisces."

I shook her hand, "Pleasure to meet you Pisces."

My heart thumped louder than a drum, shaking my body like an earthquake. For the next few weeks we were together everyday, and once the project was over she smiled slightly at me.

"Taurus, it's been really fun working with you," She looked me directly in the eyes, "you want to go see a movie on friday?"

My face flushed and I nodded vigorously, "Yeah!"

"Cool! See you then!" And she walked off, her pale hair swaying behind her in the cool autumn breeze.


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