39-Scorpio X Leo

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Scorpio (f) X Leo (m) - dedicated to - Kalmekrazii


"SO CALL ME MAYBE." Scorpio shouted into Leo's  ear, startling him awake.

He groaned, "I'd rather call you crazy, since that's what you actually are."

Scorpio snuggled into his side, "Wouldn't you rather call me baby?"

"I already do that."


A little fluffy one shot for all those out there who were craving it. Mini-announcement for those who are actually reading, Min_Kyeopta has published a book on zodiacs that I think is pretty darn good and I would love if you showed it some love and support by going to check out the story and leaving a comment or request. As always, comment down below (on my story) what you would like to see next. A plus tard mes beignets!


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