Aries X Sagittarius

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Aries (m) X Sagittarius (m) - dedicated to - kczarina97

Sag gives big heartfelt confession, Aries says no. MAKE IT FUNNY SHE NEEDS A LAUGH


"Yo Sag," Aries looked over at his friend, "what in the hell do you think you're doing."

Sagittarius was down on one knee, holding onto the hand of the red-haired boy, "Aries, over all these years that we've known each other-"

"I met you three years ago when you dropped an ice cube in my pants."

"-in all the time we haven't seen each other,-"

Aries looked deadpanned at his friend, "I legit saw you yesterday Sag."

"I've fallen in love with your laughter, your smile, your cheesy jokes-"

"Hey," Aries teased, "my jokes are gouda!"

"-and most of all I fell for you,"

"You are an actual clutz Sag, you fall for everyone." Aries huffed.

"-so would you please be go out with me!"

Aries gazed down blankly at Sagittarius, "No."

"Why not?" The fair-haired boy had tears blossoming in his bright eyes, "I know you're not strait! You aren't dating anyone! And most of all I know that your heart is beating just as fast as mine. Why can't you?!"

"You dated Scorpio! I can't break his heart, not after what you did to him!" Aries stared off into the distance.

"What." Sagittarius exclaimed, "I never dated Scorpio. We went to a mixer together and Scorpio was really upset about some kid named Sam. Then I beat him in a video game."

"Are you kidding me." Aries glared at Sagittarius.

Sagittarius gazed back with honest open eyes, "No, I'm not."

"Dude I'm sorry but, you're just like a bro to me." Aries began to walk away. Sagittarius caught his wrist with a single tear slipping down his cheek.

Sagittarius sobbed, "But I don't see you as a bro. I see you as my guy before fries, as the gravity that keeps me grounded. Why am I not good enough for you?"

Aries looked at the other boy before, "Because....."

"Because what?" Sagittarius questioned.

"Because," Aries looked at him seriously, "you forgot the anniversary of our bro-ship."

With those final words he walked away, leaving Sagittarius to regret everything he'd ever forgotten. He'd not only lost the love of his life, his guy before fries, but he'd lost his bro. There was no easy way to get anything of that back.


I'm sorry if that's depressing, but I hoped it gave somebody a laugh. If it makes anyone feel any better, I left myself notes above this while I was trying to make this funny. They were these :





I didn't really follow the second one, but at least I kind of got the last two in. I hope that you feel better kczarina97 and all those who didn't have the best of weeks/days. Request what you would like to see next in the comments below! Au revoir ems beignets!


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