49- Libra X Aquarius

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Libra (f) X Aquarius (m) - dedicated to - IceQueenofLyoko


"I'm literally laughing so hard right now," Aquarius stated as he rolled around. 

Libra looked worriedly over at him, "What in the hay are you going in about?"

"Well," Aquarius looked over at her with cheeks pink from laughter, "I know you're a girl because  you're  LiBRA."

Libra glared at him before throwing a pillow in his face, "What's that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of me being better than you."


I have a friend who is a libra and literally she is sass master 3000, so I incorporated at into this (request anything else you would like to see below). Hope you all have a nice night (and had a nice day)! À plus tard mes beignets!


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