68- Cancer X Everyone?

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Cancer (f) X Everyone!!- dedicated to - user82184


"Could it be she's just too fabulous for us?" Leo wondered out loud, facing her.

Scorpio fanned her face, "My god, she's looks so cute today!"

"I know," Pisces leaned on her friend, "my heart can't compete with it."

"Looking at her I just, I don't know what to do man." Aries nervously pulled at the neck of his shirt.

Capricorn shoved his hands in his pockets, "And she's just so funny, I can't figure out how to resolidify the puddle I become."

"How in the hay," Aquarius ran his hands through his hair, "does somebody be so cute and sexy at the same time??"

Taurus sighed, "She's just a goddess, it's the only explanation."

"I kno-" Virgo was interrupted by her good friend.

"OH MY GOD," Gemini shook her friend by the shoulders, "DID YOU SEE THAT SHE SMILED AT ME."

Libra shook her head at them, "She's still looking you idiot, way to go."

"How in the FRICK is she still single?" Sagittarius questioned.

She was flawless, confident, independent, the girl who had stolen all their hearts. Her imperfections made her the empitomy of perfection. She was Cancer.


Sorry that everything has been short recently (even my messages). I've tended to be busy when I write these and when I publish them, but I will learn better time management (eventually). Hoping you all have a nice night and eight hours of sleep! À plus tard mes beignets!


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