Scorpio x Pisces

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Scorpio (f) x Pisces (f) - dedicated to - Pantherlily24


"Have you found it?" Scorpio asked as her eyes scanned across screens and screens of open tabs.

Pisces shook her head before she dropped her coffee mug, "By golly-gosh."

"What?" The dark haired girl asked the lighter one as she leaned over her shoulder, "Oh my goodness."

"It's true."

"I can't believe it."

"I don't either."

Scorpio sank to her knees in tears, slowly being engulfed in the warmth of Pisces' arms, "It's okay."

Pisces cooed to her as they sat on the ground together, "We can have a baby Scorp."

Scorpio put a hand on Pisces' belly and a small sob came out, "How the in the hay will they even get to my bone marrow?"

Pisces smiled, "Some weird, doctor-y magic that will help them with get it."

Scorpio dried both their tears and the sat on the couch for the rest of the night thinking of baby names.


Man, this really picks up my day when I write stuff like this, so I really hope you guys feel better after reading it. But in case you didn't like this ship too too much, you can request down below anything you would like to see next (ship, theme, angst, fluff, whatever). Au revoir mes beignets!


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