Taurus X Cancer

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Taurus (m) X Cancer (f) - dedicated to - HeyYoBighed



Cancer woke up at three in the morning to her boyfriend acting like he was high.

"Taurus, "She massaged her temples, "when was the last time you slept?"

He leaned against her as she dragged him into their bedroom, "I don't know, like, three days."

His idiotic grin irritated her, "Go to sleep."

Thirty minutes later she heard him whisper.

"Hey Gemi," He giggled, "your hair is soft, like really REALLY soft, like there's a sheep on your head."

"You're on drugs or something aren't you?" She asked and turned to him, but he had passed out in bed. He didn't smell like drugs or alcohol, so it  wasn't substance abuse. She sighed and went to sleep, maybe Taurus just actually hadn't slept in three days and he was punch drunk.


Punch Drunk- to be so tired that you literally laugh at everything and/or act like you're drunk.

That's my understanding anyways. But leave a request for anything you would like to see next! Au revoir mes beignets!


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