63- Gemini X Pisces

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Gemini (m) X Pisces (f) - dedicated to - LeahRose1246


It was nice, that was Gemini's conclusion. He had fallen in love, gotten to have that love be recriprocated, and it was working out so far. It was almost like everything was going okay. Gemini turned to look over at Pisces, her hair spilling out over the pillows, her tiny frame wrapped in the warm blankets.

Her expression was peaceful, which made him smile, she was always stressed over one thing or another and it took him forever to convince her to let him help her. Brushing aside the hair from her face, the fingerprint shaped bruises on her neck still not faded from a previous relationship.

His mood went sour everytime he saw it;but now, in the shadows of the midnight hour, with sleep pulling at his body, and nostalgia entrancing his mind, all he could think about was what his grandfather would say to his parents and then to him:

"In this world, the people you allow to hurt you the most are the ones you love" and no matter how he denied it, he had been reminded every time with a different example, but one stuck with him, the ones like Pisces. 

Because his grandfathers mother, she didn't have the same rights Pisces did at the time, she could have been slapped and beaten and asked to stop, but never have been able to state that word. And yet, sometimes people didn't respect that. Gemini rubbed the scar on his shoulder. 

It was really something he reflected on, his time with that woman, all the things he could have done to prevent it. But it showed him something his grandfather had been trying to teach him as well; before you can heal someone else, you must heal yourself.


I plan on powering through and prewritig a lot of what you guys have requested from me, so feel free to leave another one in the comments below. À plus tard mes beignets!


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