33- Scorpio X Pisces

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Scorpio (m) X Pisces (f) - looloobearcat

I'm really glad you like my stories! I hope you enjoy the oneshot!


"Dude, I'm probably not even going to go to homecoming." Pisces blew the hair out of her face as she walked.

Scorpio looked over at her, "What if someone asks you?"

"Maybe I guess," She replied, "better be a damn good date afterwards."

Scorpio smirked, "How about going with me?"

She looked off into the distance and smiled a little, "Sure, but we're watching High School Musical."

"We're all in this together Pisces."


I really respect dudes who watch high school musical, like, that takes guts (but I love it so..... yeah). Anyways, hoped you liked this update! Au revoir mes beignets!


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