Aries X Sagittarius

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Aries (m) X Sagittarius (m) - dedicated to - directionerbadwolf

Teen wolf inspired


"I'm a nerd who can only defend himself with a baseball bat and sarcasm," Sagittarius put his hands on his hips, "and you expect me to protect other people from a psycho-ass killer out to rip people to shreds?"

"You have me..." Aries mumbled under his breath.

Sagittarius rubbed his ear, "What was that dog breath?"

"Nothing you friggin wimp." Aries growled. Sagittarius backed off, and then backed out of the drive way, with Aries in the car, which didn't really work out in his favor.


I haven't really watched teen wolf, so uh, sorry if it's not perfect for you teen wolf fans out there. As per usual, comment down below what you would like to see next or what you liked about today's update, and as always au revoir mes beignets!


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