65- Aquarius X Libra

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Aquarius (f) X Libra (m) - dedicated to - Bad_Jackson7


"Ugh," Aquarius groaned, flopping down on the couch,"I frigging hate periods."

Libra rubbed her back soothingly,"It's a very natural thing Aqua, it won't kill you."

"The reason I have cramps is because my uterus is trying to cut off all the blood flow to it, it's literally trying to kill itself," Aquarius glared.

Libra continued after her words, "Well it's mother nature's way of telling you that you aren't pregnant."

Aquarius pouted at Libra's chuckling, "But what if I want to be?"

Libra turned red from the realization of Aquarius' suggestion, that she wanted to do that with him, "Well-um...."

Aquarius smirked and kissed the side of his cheek, "It's okay, we should wait a while too."

"Yeah," Libra smiled over at her, "we won't do anything until you're ready."


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