Leo X Gemini

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Leo (m) X Gemini (f) - dedicated to - soph1044


Gemini squinted at the screen of her phone, "Yo Leo."

"Yeah?" Her boyfriend leaned over her shoulder when she spoke.

"Did you know that the classic heart shape was originally meant to be two hearts fused together?"

Leo snorted, "That's creepy. What, did Frankenstein need to pump twice as much blood to his brain?"

"Maybe, or it could be some grotesque idea that they're together in a new life." Gemini closed her screen and pulled on her halloween costume.

"That legitimately scares the actual crap out of me, we're never doing that."Leo got the bowl of candy together.


"Don't you dare come near me with a surgical knife."


Looks like Gemini's already getting ready for next month (*pulls out candy* *puts on witch hat*). No I did not think through that we haven't gotten through September, but come on, free candy. Well as always, request what you would like to see next below! Au revoir mes beignets!


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