54- Virgo X Aries

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Virgo (f) X Aries (f) - dedicated to - Pantherlily24


"You want some popcorn Virgo?" Aries asked as she got a bag of popcorn from the top shelf.

"No." Virgo pouted and hugged her girlfriend from behind.

Aries kept looking through the shelf, "Well what do you want to eat then?"

"Can I eat," Virgo tightened her grip on her girlfriend, "you?"

Sighing, Aries replied, "Later, we're watching the movie first."

Virgo jumped up in a cry of joy and raced to the couch in order to get the movie over and done with (you know, so she could flip Aries over and do her). Aries chuckled at the sight and moved next to her with the popcorn.


Man, I love suggestive fluff. Anyways, request anything you would like to see next below (or tell me how your day was). Hope you all have a nice night! À plus tard mes beignets!


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