Aquarius X Aries Part 2

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Aquarius (f) X Aries (m) - dedicated to - champion_01 and Jamie_The_Otaku


As we last saw them at the last pool party before school started, Aquarius was very sneakily checking out Aries.


Aries POV

What in the hay was I doing? I could see her looking at me, her teal eyes glancing at my every move. She had blue hair and tanned skin from all her time spent at the beach. Why wasn't I walking up to her? Was I being a coward?

I shook my head at myself, and claimed I was going to go grab a drink so I got out of the pool. When I reached the fruit punch, I poured myself a glass and downed the entire thing in one go. Looking once again at the pool I saw her eyes on me again, Aquarius assessing me from where her shoulders rested above the water.

What was I supposed to do? It was like I was being carefully watched and my every move being thought out before me. Looking at her when her friend started talking I saw it. The water ran down her skin, running from her chin, down her neck, traveling over her chest and then past her stomach to... My face went bright red and I looked away, she probably didn't appreciate being looked at like that.

Maybe I should talk to her? Well, what would I say, 'Hey you look pretty sexy with water on your body'. Doesn't sound like the ideal conversation starter. I breathed in as she started to walk over. What should I do? What could I do without making a fool of myself?


Morning all readers out there! Don't worry, there are still more updates to come! Leave anything you would like to see in the comments below and make sure to check my other Zodiac One Shots story (you know the first one), au revoir mes beignets!


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