Aries X Scorpio

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Aries (f) X Scorpio (f) - dedicated to - Pantherlily24

Start as rivals & hate each other


"My God, shut the hell up Scorpio!" Aries shouted at the other girl as they stood facing each other in the cafeteria.

Scorpio growled at the other girl, "Make me."

Taking that as a full invitation, Aries smashed her mouth into her enemy's, feeling the taste of her sweet lips. Both girls were bright red and still yelling at each other with the cafeteria.

"How about dinner friday!" Aries shouted.

Scorpio bellowed back, "Sounds good! I'll pick you up at six!"

"COOL SEE YOU THEN!" The cafeteria cheered as their secret OTP parted ways with plans for a date on friday.


My mom just got home and I'm like trying to hide my account but write while she's in the bathroom and it's hilarious. Well request anything you want to see below and comment something you liked about this oneshot! Au revoir mes beignets!


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