Love Triangle!!

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Sagittarius (f) x Gemini (m) x Scorpio (m) - dedicated to kczarina97


Sagittarius leaned against the wall of the party and looked at her text messages. She sighed and looked out at the party.

"What's wrong little miss," A boy leaned his arm over her head, "not having any fun?"

Sagittarius groaned at the sight of him, "Go away Gemini."

"Yeah Gemini, go away, you're bothering us," Another dark haired boy stuck his tongue out.

"Shut up Scorpio," Gemini growled, "how about seeing a movie this week Sagittarius?"

She looked out over the party, "Sure, as long as my bff Aqua can come too."

"Hey," Scorpio suggested, "want to come swim in my pool this weekend."

"Can my brother come too?" She asked and went to go stand somewhere else.

As the two kept pestering her with different ways to hang out, she got a ding signaling a text message. She quickly read over the message and said her farewells to Aquarius before heading for the door.

With the door opened a crack Gemini butted in, "Sagittarius where are you going? I thought we were having fun!"

As she pulled the door completely open, Scorpio and Gemini got full view of the tall, red haired male standing on the porch. He looked over with crimson eyes and gave a big grin to Sagittarius until he saw the boys.

"Who's that?" Scorpio snarled as Aquarius wrenched free of his grip and went to red haired boy.

Smirking she answered, "My boyfriend, Aries."

When Scorpio and Gemini showed up to school Monday morning, they had a few bruises to say the least, and Sagittarius had another date with Aries.


She said whatever ending, so yeah, mysterious fourth person who is the actual love interest shows up. As always, comment below what you would like to see next or what you liked about this one shot. Au revoir mes beignets!


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