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Aries (m) X Leo (m) - dedicated to - BTS-infiresme


"Aries, this has gotten out of hand, you've been watching youtube videos since we got back from the Cape." Leo knocked on the door of the third floor where Aries resided. It had gotten out of hand, you could hear him from all floors and it was almost as if he was possessed, he didn't sleep he didn't eat at regular times, he was a zombie of who he used to be, no longer bulletproof. It was a danger to his health and a real problem.

Aries opened the door to Leo and Leo asked, "What has gotten into you Aries?"

Aries looked at Leo, his eyes with large black bags under them, his red hair a ruffled mess, wearing the same clothes he had four days ago. He gazed at Leo with eyes that spoke of how he laughed and cried, the pain and joy he had gone through in the past few days, of how he was a boy in luv, of the fire burning in his heart, of his soul screaming save me.There was a war of hormones his mind, his mind holding no more dream beyond the fact that it screamed I need u at Leo. He couldn't run from this anymore, but he wouldn't say n.o.

Aries put his hand in Leo's and gave him a bro hug, "Infires man."

Thus he tugged Leo through the door and simultaneously into the fandom. And BTS got two dope fans in the fandom that one day.


Man I love puns, hope you guys like them too. Request anything you would like to see below! Au revoir mes beignets!


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