Chapter 13: Like The Same Sides Of A Magnet, We Don’t Attract

I was greeted by curious stares when I closed the door of the car.

Well, what can I do? It was actually anticipated since I just arrived at school with Chase Hayden.

People were probably wondering what on earth a nobody like me was doing with the most popular guy in school and how was I able to hitch a ride with him in his coveted hot wheels.

Well, let’s just say that it was my Mom’s freaking fault. Need I explain more? Yeah, I think we’re good.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and followed Chase towards the main building. I was fully aware of the admiring glances the students -mostly the girls - were throwing him and the deadly glares they were giving me. From the looks it, it seemed like they've plotted my death already.

With the casket and funeral service all set.

Scary, I know.

“Yo man,” Adam hollered as Chase joined their group of jocks and cheerleaders near the school fountain.They did all those fist bump things and just like that, the king was ready to roll and rule once again.

Rolling my eyes, I entered the school doors and started making my way towards my locker to unload my stuff. I passed by a group of girls who threw me disgusted looks, like they we’re trying to imply how much better they are compared to my mundane individuality.

“I saw her with Chase Hayden earlier!”

“Yeah, I saw them arrive together!”

“She couldn’t be, like, his girlfriend right?”

“Totally not, duh, look at her! She’s so ugly!”

“Yeah totes, Chase is definitely way out of her league!”

“I know right! How pathetic!”

The crude whispers were enough to make me clench my fists and channel my inner Chuck Norris. But before I could take a potentially deadly swing at the snotty girls, a familiar voice called out my name.

“Hey Carli, wait up!” I spun myself around and immediately spotted Zach heading towards me. The same girls giggled excitedly and started fixing their make-up, obviously hoping to get Zach’s attention. But to their total disappointment,  he just walked past them and went straight to my direction. I leaned a little and sent the girls a smug smirk while they shot me scathing looks that embodied the “if only looks could kill” phrase.

“What’s up Zach?” I asked him as I deposited the last one of my afternoon books.

“Oh, nothing really. I was just about to head to homeroom when I saw you."

“Oh,” I murmured in response. “Well, I was just about to head off, too.”

“I’ll walk you to your class then,” he said casually and took my books from my hand.e “And let me take these.”

“No, it’s alright, really."

“I insist,” he stated in a tone of finality. I shrugged and started walking towards my classroom, with him behind me.

As usual, the intrigued looks from people’s faces didn’t escape my eyes. Some freshmen girls gave me seething looks as they made their Teen Vogue wannabe poses, which, to be completely honest, looked pathetic. Ugh, kids these days.

“So, I was wondering,” Zach spoke, breaking the silence, a hint of nervousness in his tone, “if you’re free on Friday night?” He raised his eyebrows in a hopeful manner and gave me one of his smiles.

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