Chapter 36: From One Bad Luck To Another

"It's just a stupid dance. Nothing to get excited about."

Chase's words kept on replaying inside my head like a broken record. I know it's not enough reason for me to act like it's the end of the world because I could still go to the dance with or without him or I could just go with my friends but my irrational teenager self was treating all of this as a big deal.

What's the use of going to the dance if you're not with Chase? You won't fully enjoy it anyway, said one part of my brain.

Shut it, the other part chided. If Chase doesn't want to go, let him be. Besides, your friends will be there. That's enough reason to enjoy.

I doubt it, countered the other.

Oh, shut up.

"Ugh!" I groaned, pulling at my hair out of frustration. "Stop, stop, stop!"

Inadvertently, I stared at the calendar on my bedside table. Today's Saturday which meant there was only 6 more days till Homecoming. Groaning again, I collapsed against my bed.

"It's okay Carli," I told myself. "It's just homecoming, not that big of a deal."

But didn't Gwen say that this was greater than prom? In Cross High, at least.

"Whatever, I'll just go by myself. If Chase doesn't want to go, that's perfectly fine. I will not let his refusal affect my enjoyment. No way."

I stood from my bed and walked towards my study table. Taking my phone from my drawer, I checked for any calls or messages and was surprised when I saw none.

Hmm. Unusual.

Usually, Chase would be texting me by now, asking me if we could see each other and hang out. Or Gwen, asking me to go shopping with her. Or Dave, bugging me for another date despite the fact that he now knows about me and Chase. Or whoever.

"Guess I'll have to text them first," I said to myself.

To: Mickey

Hey. ;)

To Gwen:

Hey, Gwen :)

After a few seconds, the screen lit up. Hurriedly, I looked to see who texted.

From: Gwen

Hey there, C. What's up? :)

I'd be lying if I say I didn't feel a little disappointed when I saw that it wasn't from Chase. Nonetheless, I texted Gwen back.

To: Gwen

I'm bored.

From: Gwen

Me too. Wanna hang out? :)

I thought about it for a while before texting her my approval.

To: Gwen

Why not? Sure :)

"What's with the constant checking of your phone?" Gwen queried as she threw me an inquisitive look.

We were currently at the mall after deciding to go shopping for homecoming dresses.

"Oh," I said. Hurriedly, I pocketed my phone. "It's nothing."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Come on, Carli. I know you. And with the way your nose scrunches, I know something's bothering you."

Sighing, I relented. The girl's too attentive for her own good. "It's Chase."

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