Chapter 25: The Tension Is Real And I Want To Deny It

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Because you've been very good and because I love you guys, here's the next chapter. I updated early ♥

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Chapter 25: The Tension Is Real And I Want To Deny It

"Hey, Carli, wake up."

I groaned, ignoring the voice calling me. The voice was deep and boyish, definitely not my Mom's. If I know, I was just probably dreaming, anyway.

This time, I felt a tug at my shirt. "Carli, wake up."

I grumbled incoherently under my breath and pulled my pillow over my head. Whoever was trying to wake me up should definitely stop because I was still sleepy as hell and my mood wasn't cooperating either.

"Carli," I hear the person sigh heavily. "If you don't wake up this instant, I'm gonna be forced to drag you out of that bed and carry you downstairs, bridal style."

Ugh. Why did this person have to be so annoying this early in the goddamn morning? "I'm still sleepy, go to AHH!" Before I know it, I was being dragged by someone and I only had time to recover when I was finally in his arms, being carried bridal style. "What the - Chase! Put me down!" Forgetting that Chase was still living in my house, all I could do was stare at him in horror as he carried me from my room down to the kitchen. The guy didn't even broke a single sweat carrying me in his arms. I had no idea he was that strong.

When we got there, he gently put me down and asked, "How are you feeling? Are you feeling okay, now?"

I stared at him, confused as to where he's getting at. Then I remembered last night - the worst night of my life - and everything suddenly came crashing to me in seconds. I remembered how I cried a river after seeing Zach and Sarah together and how Chase was there to comfort me. Finally remembering everything that happened, I blushed beet red and couldn't find myself returning Chase's gaze anymore.

"Yeah, I'm fine now, thanks for asking," I meekly responded.

He'd been very caring of me last night despite our fair share of daily arguments and constant bickers. There wasn't a day I didn't call him nasty names like "jerk" or "asshole" when in reality, he's been nothing but thoughtful and sweet.

"Your Mom said she'll be back tomorrow. You were asleep when she left so she gave me the instructions instead."

"Oh, okay," I answered. "Thanks."

"So," he said, his eyes looking around. "You have something we can cook here?"

Chase and I rummaged through the cupboards and found some flour and other ingredients. We figured we'd try making pizza but since both of us didn't know how to do it, we resorted asking Mr Google for help.

You could say we were a total mess.

"Are you sure you're reading it right?" I asked Chase skeptically.

The noob just rolled his eyes at me. "Duh Carli, you didn't actually think I'm that dumb, right? Of course I'm reading it correctly! "

You could also say we were back to normal. It didn't take a second for us to reclaim our rights: to become the bane of each other's existence.

"I'm just making sure, you dweeb," I retorted and before I could rethink it over, I grabbed a handful of flour and threw it at his face.

"What the - phew!" Chase spluttered, turning to give me a hard glare. The flour smacked right on his face and man, was it hilarious. He then took a step forward and I began to back away.

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