Chapter 11: I Don't Think Being Made Of Plastic Is Fantastic

Let's just say that my morning started really bad.

I stomped my foot angrily as I made my way to my locker. I was still furious about the big fat 'F' I received in my English Literature pop quiz earlier. Mr. Adams was so cruel. Not that I wasn't to blame anyway. If I just focused and paid attention, maybe I could've possibly aced the test. Maybe it was safer and more appropriate to say that I was more mad at myself. Darn, my Mom would kill me once she finds out about this.

“Hey Carli, wait up!” Gwen hollered from behind me. I stopped in my tracks and waited for her to catch my pace. Great. Thanks to that freaking quiz, I've almost forgotten about her. When Gwen finally reached me, she was already panting hard as she tried to regulate her breathing. “Jeez... you're fast,” she muttered, giving me a pointed look.

I smiled sheepishly. “Oops. Sorry.”

“It's okay, let's go.”

We went to our lockers which (by great coincidence) was just three steps away from each other. I opened mine forcefully and quickly unloaded my books and replaced them with new ones. After getting my stuff, I slammed it shut and walked towards Gwen.

“Uh –”, before I could say something, a high-pitched voice erupted, singing –

“I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world!

I'm made of plastic, it's so fantastic!

You can brush my hair – ”

I was about to make an intelligent remark when Gwen fished out her phone from her pocket, swiping the screen immediately.  “Hello?” she said, holding the thing to her ear.

Okay. It is just me, or is she really... Barbie-ish?

'I'm a Barbie girl', really? And how is being made of plastic fantastic?

Hell. I just can't understand Barbie stuff. They're more cryptic than any Wiz Khalifa song.

“Oh, that's wonderful!” she exclaimed enthusiastically, bouncing up and down. I rolled my eyes. Such a child. “Alright, see you!” she enthused and immediately pocketed her phone. A giddy (and almost scary) smile was on her face as she turned towards me.

“Who was that?” I asked curiously.

“Ken,” she answered, causing me to hold back a snicker. “He's joining us for lunch.” Her tone was too cheerful than necessary, almost (too) excited. “That okay with you?”

I nodded. “Of course, no biggie. So,” I drawled, waggling my eyebrows suggestively. “What's the thing going on between you two?”

“I don't know,” she admitted, letting loose a giggle, her face turning dreamy all of a sudden. “He hasn't officially asked me out yet, but I can feel some mutual connection between us.”

“That's cool,” I told her. “You look so cute together, mind you.”

She jumped up and down as she let out a hearty giggle. “You really think so? I really like him a lot, see.”

I smiled. “I could tell that,” I said, teasing her. “I can see the way you looked at him that night at the party, your eyes twinkling with something that looked like love. I could feel the lingering magical feeling in the air everytime your eyes connected, sending messages that only the two of you could decipher. I can also notice how you smile at him, like he's the only guy in the world – ”

“God, shut up!” Gwen said, giggling. “That's like, so embarrassing!”

“What's embarassing?” An amused voice called from behind us. Simultaneously, Gwen and I turned our heads, only to find a smiling Zach. My heart instantly made an involuntary flutter.

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