Chapter 8: And We Danced All Night In The Best Party Ever, Or Not

The next few days passed by in a blur and next thing I knew, it was already Friday Night - the most anticipated night of the week (or year, whichever applies). As what Gwen had said, it was going to be the biggest party of the year, explaining the excited looks on people's faces.

The school had been talking about it for the whole week. Well, who wouldn't? A popular event like this required some rigid preparation since Cross High's royalties obviously and clearly stood by perfection and primeness.

We were currently in my house, preparing for the party. Gwen has straightened out her hair perfectly, making her look more gorgeous than usual. On the other hand, she curled mine into loose ringlets and applied a smoky shade of make-up on my face, emphasizing my brown eyes. After an hour, we were finally done, and found ourselves grinning wickedly as we took in our appearance.

One thing is for sure: both of us definitely looked dazzling tonight.

We temporarily abandoned our typical mundane selves and daringly went for the smoky look just for tonight's party. The silver dress I bought fitted my slender frame well, exposing my usually hidden curves. Gwen, on the other hand, opted for the mature look with her mini black dress that accentuated her fair skin and Barbie Doll features. She looked beautiful. Oh, no. Both of us looked beautiful actually.

Mom suddenly entered the room, holding a camera on her hand. "You look wonderful, girls."

"Thank you, Mrs D," Gwen responded as she straightened her dress.

"Well, since this is  very important for the two of you, you have to let me take your lovely pictures as a souvenir. It's not everyday I can get to see you finally getting out of your shells." She winked and gave us a cheeky smile.

I fake groaned. "Oh, alright Mom. Just make it quick."

She clapped her hands giddily and kissed Gwen and me on the cheeks. "Okay girls, one, two, say cheese!"

She made us do a lot of different poses until we were already worn out. I checked the time, and when I realized it was good enough to go, we bid Mom goodbye and proceeded outside where Mom's car was parked.

"You girls better have fun!" she called out as we finally entered the car. I know what you're thinking, I have the coolest Mom ever.

"We will!" I answered and immediately started the engine. As the machine roared to life, I looked at Gwen who seemed giddy and jumpy all of a sudden. Can't blame her, actually. I was feeling a bit nervous myself. "So, you ready for the biggest party of the year?" I asked her, grinning.

A smug smile appeared on her face as she nodded. "More than I'll ever be."

** ** **

"Wow," Gwen muttered as we pulled into the side of the road outside Zach Matthew's enormous house - more like a mansion, yeah. Multiple  cars were lined up next to us and the sound of blasting speakers echoed from inside. As soon as we hopped out of the vehicle, we held hands and entered the grand gates that led to the party.

My jaw dropped when we finally reached the insides. Sure enough, like Gwen has depicted, DJs were playing music using high technology systems installed on either side of the place. My eyes searched around the room and spotted some people from the popular circle at school and others who I wasn't familiar with. Nevertheless, they equally looked royalty as they socialized with each other like long-time friends.

There was a bar situated at the side, complete with expensive-looking drinks with actual bartenders and waiters serving the visitors.

Wow. Zach Matthews sure was drowning in a lot of riches. Explains why the cops haven't took down the place yet.

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